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Home Preparation: Ways to Secure Your Home for a Natural Disaster — 3 Comments

  1. Rob,
    I am new to your information and just starting to dive in. From your latest pod cast, which I thought was quite interesting and somewhat informative. From your list of preparedness levels I am in the “Serious” category.
    As for this post, here is what I have done.
    1. I don’t live in Hurricane areas any more. Lived through three of them and that was enough.
    2. I won’t live in Tornado alley. Why would anyone if they had a choice?
    3. When I lived in Southern California, I lived in a manufactured home on earth quake rated jack stands. I figured if the house could withstand a 400 mile road trip to get to my location it would survive an earthquake. Then I had a motor home as a backup, stocked with 50 gal of water and 90 gal of gasoline, had a 5KW generator too, so I could pull it up to my house and have water, electricity, and a potty for a couple of weeks. Then if things were still in the SHTF category, drive where I could to improve living conditions.
    Then I decided that wasn’t good enough, so I moved to Arizona and now live 50 miles east of Phoenix.

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