Happy 240th Birthday Marines!

Click here for the Commandant’s 240th birthday message.

Three decades ago, I made one of the best decisions on my life and joined the Marine Corps. It was tough and grueling, but it was worth it. The Marines took an insecure teen and turned him into a hard-charging United States Marine. It was exactly what I needed in my life.

I learned many things in the Marine Corps, but the single best lesson I learned, and one that I carry with me today, is it really is mind over matter.  Whether it’s getting through a tough obstacle course in boot camp, or a tough obstacle in life, the Marines taught me the secret to a successful accomplishment is having the right mindset. They taught me I can overcome mental obstacles, such as fear, pain, insecurity and doubt, as well as physical obstacles, with grit and determination.

So with the deepest sincerity and gratitude, I wish every Marine, past and present, a grand 240th birthday!

Semper Fi!


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