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Goodbye, Gracie — 6 Comments

  1. What a sad entry, Rob. I am so sorry. Dogs are so loyal and loving and when they leave us, it’s a profound loss. Gracie looks like she was happy and very well loved, which is all a dog really asks for. :o(

  2. Thank you all for the kind words. Gracie was, indeed, part of our family. In addition to being a great dog, she was a good friend and protector. She lived far beyond what’s considered normal for her breed, and we consider ourselves lucky to have had her with us for so long. It was difficult seeing her age this past year, but as a dog that had no fear and showed no pain, she was a trooper until the very end.

    It’s hit me somewhat hard these past few days, not having her around. This is actually the first time in over 20 years that I haven’t had at least one canine friend with me.

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