Good Financial Fitness Can Improve Your Prepping Skills

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Prepping is often depicted in stereotypical terms. Things like guns, bunkers, bug out bags, and food and water storage serve as poster children for a world that, really, is much, much larger. 

Take, for instance, the things that finance and prepping have in common. If you look closely, the way that you handle your money can often show just how good of a prepper you are (and no, we’re not just talking about burying gold in the backyard — not that that’s a bad idea at times.)

If you already are or want to become a serious prepper, here are a few interesting ways that your finances can help you embrace the prepping mentality.

Finances Help You to Build a Disaster-Proof Foundation

One of the simplest ways your finances can prepare you for disaster is through creating a firm, disaster-proof foundation with the potential to help you out in the future. 

Any savvy prepper knows that racking up debt and becoming beholden to lenders and creditors isn’t exactly a recommended way to maintain a small footprint and a low profile. Instead, you want to focus on creating a financially strong situation that can be resilient in tough times. As a prepper, healthy finances allow you to:


From short-term savings to long term prepping, putting in the work to maintain good finances is an excellent way to teach yourself to live within your means and work with what you have.

Finances Teach You to Use the Tools You Have Available

For a serious prepper, there are many pros and cons that come with technological dependence

One of the pros is that it gives you access to a slew of different modern apps and devices that can make your finances so much easier to deal with. Many lenders have mobile banking options that allow for things like remote transfers and check-deposits. Quickbooks can help you track and manage your cash-flow at the touch of a fingertip, especially when using it for small business reasons. Platforms like E-Trade and Robinhood allow you to invest in stocks at the push of a button.

What does all of this have to do with surviving an apocalypse? Well, as you learn to use and adapt to each new fintech tool, it helps you develop an ability to use the tools that you have available. It may be subtle, but maintaining a continuous learning mindset is a skill that can come in very handy if you don’t have the luxury of swinging by Lowes or Home Depot to pick up precisely what you need during a disaster.

Finances Enable You to Stay Organized and Focused

Probably the biggest prepper benefit of staying on top of your finances is the simple fact that it helps you maintain an organized lifestyle — which is kind of crucial in an SHTF scenario.

The truth is, as human beings, we often need to process crises on a psychological level that takes time and focus. By staying organized and concentrated within your finances, you quietly enhance your ability to maintain order in your prepping activities and think on your feet when things unexpectedly go south.

Finances Allow You to Budget for a Crisis

Finally, the obvious-yet-critical way that your finances help with prepping is, well, how they directly impact your prepping activity itself. If you live paycheck to paycheck with piles of debt, it can be difficult to pull together and budget for an effective preparedness plan.

However, if you’re financially smart and keep your finances in good order, it can help you purchase the necessary items required to prep for a disaster. 

Not only that, but practicing healthy financial habits can help you save money as you budget for the future. For instance, if you’re smart with your money, you’ll naturally know to:

  • Buy your prepper gear in bulk.
  • Look for quality items that are gently used.
  • Go DIY whenever possible.
  • Invest in “free” prepper lessons, like starting fires from scratch instead of buying a portable stove.
  • Prioritize more valuable prepper items first and get less important things when you can afford it.


The point is, by developing quality financial skills, you can not only indirectly bolster your prepping activity, you can also directly fund it, as well.

Using Financial Fitness to Prep

It may not look like it on the surface, but financial fitness is a powerful prepping tool. It teaches you to stay organized, remain focused, work with what you have, and use the tools that are available at any given moment.

Heck, having good finances even enables you to fund all of your prepping activity without declaring bankruptcy in the process.

So, before you go and invest every last penny in gold and bury it in the backyard, pirate-style, think twice about how you handle your cash. Sure, some off-the-grid savings is smart, but you also want to maintain healthy finances in the here and now in order to help you prep for whatever may lie ahead.

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