Getting Ready for the Reboot!

The logo for The Preparedness PodcastHowdy folks, as you’ve may have picked up on social media, primarily Facebook, I am in the (hopefully) final phases of rebooting the podcast. I’m hoping I’ll be able to release the first episode soon, but I’m still hammering out some technical issues regarding recording equipment.

If all goes well, the podcast will also be a video podcast, released on Facebook and YouTube. The audio portion will still be available where it also has been, though I’ll need to structure the ‘casts for both video and audio-only listeners.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, but my plan is to use it in a more educational manner. Instead of looking at my mug the entire time, my hope is to bring in sites, pictures, diagrams and other content to enhance the podcast and it’s educational functions.

Also, you’ll notice a new banner on the right-hand side of the website. Legacy Foods has been one of my favorite storage foods for years now, and I’ve recently decided to become an affiliate of theirs. Clicking on the banner, before you buy your storage food, will send a commission to the podcast. This, as it is when you click on any of the advertiser banners, helps support the podcast, and is greatly appreciated.

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13 Responses to Getting Ready for the Reboot!

  1. Glad to hear your starting the podcast back up. Been missing it. Thnx Rob

  2. kdalton69 says:

    Good to see you are coming back. Missed the podcast! Was hoping nothing had happened to you personally.

  3. Matt Brasik says:

    Looking forward to listening again!

  4. Kentuckian says:

    Great news that your renewing the podcast. Love your content and approach!

  5. Lisa Bedford says:

    It will be good to see you around again!!

  6. John says:

    Rob your podcasts were absolutely Awesome!!!! I’m excited to see you are coming back.

  7. Jeff says:

    Rob, you have been a mentor and motivation on starting and improving my family’s preparedness. It was your podcasts that started my preparedness from zero. I purchased and read your EMP book and your excellent Preparedness Capability Checklist book. I enjoy your communication and delivery style. I am excited to hear your podcasts again as it appears the debt-bubble will burst and we need reminders to prepare for the future. I am glad you are well!

    • Rob Hanus says:

      Thank you, Jeff. I know it’s been a while since I made the announcement, but I am going to start new podcasts soon. It’s just the kids have started school and this time of year is super busy for us. But, it will be happening!

  8. Mark Underhill says:

    Looking forward to the return. You are by far my favorite site for info and commentary.

  9. Rick says:

    Great news!
    Looking forward to your return.

  10. Greg says:

    Glad to hear you are getting it back together. I just discovered your cast this past week. Listening to old episodes and wishing you were still at it. Glad to see you will be again.
    Grace to you!

  11. Trent says:

    Hey Rob,

    Just curious if you had an idea when we may be getting new podcasts? I know life gets busy with the kids, holidays, etc.

    • Rob Hanus says:

      Busted! LOL
      I actually recorded one and am listening to it now, but I don’t like how it sounds. I’m using an entirely new way of recording and it didn’t come out too well, IMHO.

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