FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Cutting through the FUD. FUD is a term commonly tossed around on many internet forum and chat sites. It stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, and is commonly used when untrue information is is used or given as a reason for compliance or as a basis for decision. Really, it’s a term used when misinformation is used to prompt others into action or inaction by reason of fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt. This term is most commonly applied to governmental agencies. The California DOJ is notorious for handing out contradictory or just plain wrong information. Head on over to www.calguns.net for all the evidence you could possibly want.

The term needn’t be applied to just the government, but to large corporations, marketing campaigns, and even politicians. Heck, parenting and childhood decision making is often based on FUD and its greatest characteristic is that of a lack of information. Just think about it and you’ll come up with many things in day-to-day life that FUD can be applied to.

Now to bring up a little older topic that may have floated out of view…The failure of the GPS satellite network. It has gotten some people worried and was a big deal for a couple of days on the news outlets.

I’m not worried.

Why? Just how integral is GPS to today’s military and commercial industry. Most of the military’s systems are linked and dependent upon GPS, as is large commercial interests. I cannot see the military letting such a useful and integral system fail or degrade to a point of disuse. I’m not going to get into the conspiracy stuff. That’s for other sites.

FUD – Learn to cut through it.


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