Food Storage is Critical

If you have been following the discussions on the Preparedness Podcast, you know that one of the main focuses of the show has been working on your preparedness plan. We’ve also been harping on the fact that there isn’t a lot of time to get ready. There are many crises currently facing us today and we simply don’t have the luxury of time on our side.

Case in point is this story: Walker’s World: New food crisis looms.  The first two paragraphs sums it up:

“We tend to forget that the worldwide plunge into recession last year was the result of three separate phenomena that combined to breed disaster. The financial crisis was joined by a food crisis and a fuel crisis as the prices of food and energy soared, triggering food riots across the world.

And now there are ominous signs of another food crisis in the making this year, spurred in part by the ongoing credit crunch that has made it difficult for farmers to get loans.”

While I don’t see major food shortages in this  country, food storage is still critical to survival. There can be localized short term shortages and there may be shortages of certain food items. One thing that I think we’ll definitely see is an increase in food prices.  When you look at the economic problems that we have coming and add to that a world-wide food shortage, we can see that even though food prices have been rising, they are still relatively cheap – especially the bulk food. Stock up while you can.


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