Fat, Fit, and otherwise

So I’m standing around the other day chatting with the nice ladies in our Occupational Health department when I, quite absentmindedly, I rubbed my hands over my belly (which seems to have come from nowhere) and exclaimed, “I’m getting fat!”  Always one for a little self-deprecation I was taken aback when the nurse I was speaking with looked me right in the face and said, “yup!, I was just noticing”…sigh…

I’ve been out of shape and overweight for far too long, and well, it’s just laziness on my part.  What else can I say?

Now, I’m not going to give advice on how to get fit or drop weight, I am far from an expert on such things.  If I did, you’d surely laugh this blog post of the internet and right into my trashcan.  I will comment on how important it is to keep at least a minimum level of fitness and health for our own survival if it came down to it.  being fit and healthly will make dealing with stresses that much easier.  Dealing with almost everything c an be easier when fit and healthy.

As a husband and father, my family relies on me for many things.  Would it be a let down because I didn’t have the physical strength for something?  What about the stamina to get home on foot within a reasonable time?  What if I lacked the ability to defend myself or my family if it came down to just my hands?  I can go into what if’s all day, what I want is for you to think about what are some of the things you may fail at because you were too fat and too out of shape?

I now view fitness as any other prep and the need to pay attention and maintain it is just important and all my other preps.


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