Even the small things

As with everyone else out there these days, I had the opportunity to run my bank account down to a rather small amount. What can I say, bills have to be paid, and it can happen to the best of us. Unfortunately, I found myself needing to get gas and doing so would have brought my account down my comfort level. I was feeling a little stressed, and my wife, well, she stresses about everything. I told my wife I was going out to put gas in the truck and she lays into me about money and no gas, etc. I got her to calm down and asked her to follow me outside.

Walks outside with wife on close behind and picks up two 5 gal gas containers.
{still venting about money}
Hold this please (as I hand one gas container to her).
Follow me and tell me all about it.
Follows husband to side of truck.
Begins to fill truck with gas
Oh? I forgot we had gas…
This is why we keep it around, among other reasons.
I’m going to finish up inside.
Okay, love ya.

A tip filled with a little humor ;-)

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