Even MREs have a Shelf Life

Both are MRE cakes from 20 years ago or so. The one on the left must have had pinholes in the retort packaging. The one on the right didn’t taste too good either.

Even MREs have a shelf life

In general, I’m okay with MREs, as I think they taste okay and it’s hard to beat a full MRE in terms of packaging and what you get.  Pretty darned decent survival food, when you consider it all.  I have my suspicions that those who say they don’t MREs are only bandwagoning.  I’ve seen people eat the exact same stuff in “civie” versions that they won’t touch if it came out of a green bag.  Oh well, they starve, I thrive.

It’s all about Semper Gumby.  (No, that’s not a Creole dish)

BTW, the MRE cake on the right was still edible, just not too palatable.

The moral here?  Check your preps.  Make sure that over the years that the storage conditions are still good.  Inspect the packaging, and take samples to check on condition.  Imagine if you didn’t and all your food looked like the stuff on the left when you finally needed it.

– Rob

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