Evacuations in Nebraska

You never know when you’ll have to evacuate.  Keep your bug out gear handy at all times.

2009-12-10 17:23:48 – Fire – USA

EDIS CODE: FR-20091210-24119-USA
Date & Time: 2009-12-10 17:23:48 [UTC]
Area: USA, State of Nebraska, Protient Plant, Nebraska

Damage level: Moderate (Level 2)

Not confirmed information!


A huge fire is burning at a closed manufacturing plant in northeast Nebraska, and officials are evacuating the area because they’re worried a propane tank could explode. There were no immediate reports of injuries from the Thursday morning blaze. Norfolk City administrator Al Roder says firefighters are working furiously to keep the 30,000 tank at the former Protient plant from exploding. It had been filled on Wednesday. Emergency workers are evacuating homes and businesses within a 1-mile radius. Protient manufactured and marketed dairy-based ingredients for dairy products. It closed in October 2008. Norfolk is 90 miles northwest of Omaha.

Posted:2009-12-10 17:23:48 [UTC]

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