Episode 244 – Local School Shooting Threat – School Safety – Heartbreaking Change – NK Issues

Podcast Episode 244 – Local School Shooting Threat – Heartbreaking Change in Personal Prep Plans – Lack of School Safety

Local School Shooting Threat

This podcast was supposed to be on EDC kits for school kids, but I decided to hit the record button and fire out some thoughts on a few topics. Last Friday, Feb 23rd, there was a social media threat at my kids’ high school. Two of my children go there, and I have to say the school handled it poorly. Though they told us there was never any danger, I have to say I don’t believe them. Primarily because there was such bad communication from the school.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me, as I have never had a decent reply when I’ve asked what ant of the school’s emergency plans were. I had called the police and the school district, and got no more information than they were still investigating and there were 6 officers at the campus. With the school shooting in Florida only the week before, and countless copy cat threats popping up all across the country, my wife and I decided to pull our kids out of school for the rest of the day.

I felt this was poorly handled and posted an open letter to the school and the district on Facebook. Hopefully, there will be enough other parents to join me so we can put some pressure on the district to make changes.

Lack of School Safety

Which leads us to this – what can you do about the lack of real security and safety in the schools? It’s a difficult thing to admit, but no, the schools aren’t safe. This really isn’t any different than any other social gathering place, except, unlike most places where large amounts of people gather, students are on campus most of the time. This makes schools a target.

Life, in general, is fraught with dangers, but schools are typically places where you feel comfortable and are surrounded by friends and people you know. It’s easy to let your guard down.

Let’s look at some of the things you can teach your kids.

The first is to stay alert.

I told my kids that, though school is supposed to be a safe and fun place, they need to stay alert and aware of their surroundings. Situational awareness is a skill we need to work at, as our normal awareness is fooled by what’s going on around us. If we’re laughing with our friends at lunch, it’s unlikely we’re paying any attention to who’s coming in the door or what’s going on behind us. But we all need to do are best to keep an eye on what’s happening around us. Once when we get back home and are secure, we can relax.

Run – Hide – Fight

Kids are precluded from carrying weapons at school, and as most schools are rather poor on security, we need to teach our kids strategies for survival in school, or anytime they are with a large gathering of people and someone starts shooting.

The current best advice I can find is what’s known as the Run, Hide, Fight rules.

RUN – if you can evacuate safely, then do so. Do it fast, do it out of sight, if possible, and run completely outside the affected area. For places like a school, identify a go to spot your kids can head to if there’s danger. This might  be a public place that typically has a lot of people around, such as a gas station or restaurant, but if there’s a place that has excellent cover and concealment, that would be worth looking at, too. When running, your child’s main goal is to get out quickly, then contact you. Don’t have them waste time trying to text you or their friends. Once they’re at the safe location, they can call or text you (texting is quieter, if that’s a concern). Also, if they’re running from an active shooter, don’t run in a straight line.

HIDE – If evacuation isn’t an option, or isn’t an option at the time, then they need to find a place that is out of sight, somewhere people aren’t likely to look. Under desks, in closets, behind doors – no good –  these are places where someone is easily found. Finding a place like this isn’t always easy to do, so finding locations and keeping them in mind will help if this is needed.

FIGHT – If you can’t run, and you can’t hide, then the only option left is to fight. One of the things I tell my kids is to get a fire extinguisher and use it to either fog the area to limit visibility. If confronted, spray the extinguisher in the shooter’s face, then hit them with it. The extinguishers are made of heavy metal, even the small ones, and hitting them in the head will do damage. Or, hit them in the knee to take them down, then in the head. Whatever it takes.

One thing that won’t work. at least in my opinion, is cowering under a table or playing dead. It’s going to be tough Staying quiet and playing dead with all that’s going on around you. Playing dead doesn’t work with aggressive bears, and it won’t work on active shooters. It sucks we have to teach our kids this, but when faced with no other alternatives, fighting back is their best chance for survival.

AlertsUSA Offer

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Heartbreaking Change in My Personal Preparedness Plan

Some of you may have noticed there was a few weeks gap between when I recorded the last podcast and when I posted it. I would love to say this was due to technical difficulties in getting the podcast uploaded to the server, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

We came close to losing my youngest son. I won’t go into the whole story, but he was admitted into ICU on January 31st with extremely high blood glucose. Consequently, he’s been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This has been difficult. Not just with getting used to how to manage the diabetes, but also in terms of preparedness.

For those of you who have this, or know someone who does, this is a game changer in terms of preparedness, as you’re forever tied to infrastructure, one way or the other. For those of you not familiar with it, unlike Type 2 diabetes, which may or may not need insulin, Type 1 is insulin dependent. Which means, if you don’t get it, you will die. The real and potential horrific consequences of this have not been lost on me and my wife.

This has us changing our preparedness plan drastically, as bugging out to the field is no longer an option for us. Up to now, I’ve had little to no experience with diabetes, particularly in terms of preparedness. Now, we’re having to completely rethink our preparedness plans and emergency actions.

Going forward, as I learn more about this disease and how it impacts preparedness in general and our preparedness personally, I will be including it as part of the discussions here on the podcast.

North Korea and Russia

North Korea is still a big concern. There are conditions being set up that, with almost certainty, need to play out. One of these is NK needs to conduct an above ground nuclear detonation, in order to prove – to themselves and the world – their nuclear warheads are viable in a missile platform.

I was talking to Steve from AlertsUSA about this, and he told me we can expect things to really start happening after the para-olympics are over in a couple of weeks (mid March?).

Some other items that tie into this, earlier this week, Sarah Sanders read a White House announcement that the President is 100% committed to the denuclearization of North Korea. Also, just today, Russia announced they have nuclear missiles that cannot be shot down by our missile defense systems, These new missiles are powered by nuclear engines, which allow the missile to travel almost unlimited distances. This makes a map of the earth flight path, taking it around entire continents, no longer an issue. They also recently announced they have lasers capable of taking out satellites, which would probably be the best way we could detect a missile such as the ones Russia just announced.

Fourth Turning

Before I close out this podcast, I’d like to mention that we are in the Fourth Turning. If you’re not familiar with Turnings, they are a generational influence on society. These influences are cyclical, and the Fourth Turning is what’s called the Crisis. I’m currently listening to the audio version of The Fourth Turning, and it’s a very interesting read, though it reads much like a college textbook.

I haven’t finished it yet, and I’m still trying to figure out what, exactly, we can expect from this current Turning, but I haven’t figured out enough yet. One of the things I’m trying to determine is if the Fourth Turning starts with a crisis, and it takes the rest of it to resolve, or if the crisis occurs somewhere towards the end, or some other combination.

The issue with the Fourth Turning is society, in general, is more likely to get into a full blown war, than in other Turnings.

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