Episode 243 – The Different Prepper Types

Introduction back into the podcast

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  • Not really sure where I’m going to take this podcast, nor what the format will be.
  • Feedback
    • As I’m not sure where I want to take the podcast, I’d like some feedback from you, listeners.
    • I’d like to make the podcast a little more informal, or casual than it has been. Ideally, I’d like to record it straight through and simply upload it.
    • Previously, it would take me 2 to 3 times as long in production and post production, and I’d like to simplify the process.
    • This means, what? Less quality? More umms and uhs? Hopefully, a more casual podcast won’t suffer too much from production quality. But email me and let me know what you think!
  • Some topics covered in this podcast:
    • New president and how it’s affecting preparedness
    • People have relaxed. Gun and ammo sales are down, as are the prices. Good time to buy!
    • Sales of food storage are also down, good time to pick up on sales, as companies try to boost sales.
    • This lull in prepping by most people is a key time to revamp your preps, taking advantage of the lower prices and product availability.

War and Rumors of War

  • Despite the recent changes to the country leadership, we are in a position that brings us closer to war.
  • If you’ve seen my EMP class, or have read the blog posts, you know creating an EMP capable of taking down the power grid isn’t all that difficult. Whether from North Korea, Iran, or any number of hostile countries, the threat is real enough to give it some consideration, at the least.
  • However, as preppers, our concern is being ready for global war, whatever it may look like.

Different Types of Preparedness

I’m sure you’ve seen in the internet the various posts talking about the different types of preppers. While interesting, I think all of these miss the point and I don’t find them all too useful. If anything, they illustrate the different reasons why people are prepping. For example, the Hoarder is likely concerned about lack of inventory on shelves, while the Tacti-cool person really just wants an excuse for more toys.

What we should be talking about are the different types of preparedness and how to choose the style that best fits your needs. Too many articles on the internet infer that we all need to be all of these types of prepping. This is wrong, and not needed.

People need to understand what kind of prepping they need to do, and be okay with that. For most people, Casual or Serious is the proper choice. BttL (Back to the Land) and Homesteading are fine, if that’s what you *want* to do. Patriots and Panic aren’t really prepping. They’re a mindset. Patriotic goes too much into conspiracies and politics, neither are needed for preparedness.

Being prepared does not have to equate 100% self-sufficiency.

1 Informational
– Collecting information, but not actually prepping. Yes, there are actually people out there that do this; simply collect the information, but do nothing else to get themselves prepared. Is this the infamous armchair survivalist?

2 Casual
– Trying to be prepared for a short term specific event. Like someone living in CA being minimally prepared for earthquakes.

3 Serious
– This is someone who is actively preparing and expanding their skillset. It would also include those people who feel they have reached a certain level of preparedness and try to maintain that level. Anyone who is actively looking to become better prepared would fall into this group, including those just starting out, and those still working to reach their goals.

4 Homesteader
– Homesteading is more like where you live on a farm and try to provide as much for yourself as possible (farming, etc.).

5 Back to the Land
– less technology, living Native American style, etc.

6 Patriots
– these people are fighting for a cause, could be for a specific cause, or freedom in general. Politics plays a major part in their prepping, as they will be active in political action groups and relating much of their prepping actions to politics (elections, laws, reforms, etc.).

7 Panic
– These people are completely reactionary. They will take no preparatory steps before a disaster, but will scramble once they realize there is something wrong. We see this repeatedly with winter storms, water main breaks and hurricanes.

Most preppers will fall into ether the Casual or Serious group. You can fall into more than one of these categories, it’s not like you can only choose to be one or the other. The main point is you don’t have to be all of them, like so many articles on the ‘net imply.

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