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Episode 200 – “American Blackout” from a Real Prepper’s Perspective — 6 Comments

    • Perhaps. We won’t really know until it happens. However, consider that everyone in the US has electricity and that nearly everything we do uses electricity in some form or another. 48 hours with no electricity, no end in sight and crime levels amping up – I think we’re going to see a lot of panic far sooner than later.

      Also keep in mind that by the time 48 hours has passed, unless you’ve taken extraordinary measures, all of the food in your refrigerator and freezer will be ruined. Not to mention all the druggies and alcoholics that will be trying to get their fix.

  1. It’s worth watching. It’s posted on Youtube. Seems cheesy or overacted in areas, but I think it’s because I have a hard time imagining people being so stupid, like the prepper guy leaving his bunker to take on 7 dudes by himself…Let the fuel go man! And the guy jabbing the canned food with a kitchen knife….saw that coming…But it’s images to think about. Led me to add multiple photos of my children and husband in my bag. One tends to think we’ll all be together if the SHTF, but that’s just not the case. You need a “Get Home” Bag In the car, you need a “SOA” (start over again bag) like the family who’s house burnt down and you are either going to start over with what is on your back, or go to a FEMA camp. This bag includes tools of my trade, silver, and things that may help me start over in some other half-way friendly township. My current Bug Out Bag assumes I will actually return – more like an extensive stay out in the woods to survive bag. It will make me survive, but not thrive. Chances are you won’t come back. Your place will be emptied, destroyed, or occupied if you are forced to flee, and then should have buried caches outside the property line that you could come back for. You need an extensive (even if hokey tin cans and string) signal or deterrent system on your entrances and exits. And I do need more peeps…Lots of good things to think about. They really should of added a bit on people having NO medications. That would have as much impact as the ATMs not working.

  2. The high number of people that have no emergency supplies will start to panic quickly. I agree that there will be some level of social unrest rather quickly.

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