Episode 195 – Preparedness Questions Part 1

This is a two-part podcast talking about an article I wrote but never published. It’s a series of questions to help you get thinking along the right direction when getting prepared. As you may have noticed, much of what I put out is what I consider thinking tools designed to help you get in the right frame of mind and on track with your preps. This is just another one of those thinking tools.

Preparedness Questions

General Planning

  1. Are there any specific events are you planning for?
    • If so, do these events require any special preparations?  Have you made these preparations?
  2. How long of a period do you need/want to be self-reliant?
    • IOW, what is your survival duration?
  3. How many members in your family (including pets)?
    • How many of these are able-bodied adults?
    • How many children?  Are there any babies expected in the future?
    • How many disabled people?
    • Have you accounted for all the special needs that are needed by your family?
  4. Do you expect others (family, friends, etc) to show up at your door in times of need?
    • How will you handle the situation when it occurs?
    • Are they welcome to stay?
    • Do they know to bring their own preps?
  5. Will you be storing extra supplies for others?
    • Not just the family and friends that show up on your door, but also your neighbors and others in your community?
  6. Where and how will you store your equipment and supplies?
    • Are there any special considerations that you need to accommodate for, such as high humidity, vermin, or potential flooding?

Assume that you have no utilities, but your home is still livable:


  1. How will you prepare your food?
  2. How will you cook?
    • Do you have alternate cooking methods?
    • What are they?
    • If they require fuel, how long will your cooking fuel last for cooking three meais per day?
  3. How will you eat?
    • Can you accommodate all the special needs in your family?
    • Do you have paper and plastic ware to last a while?
  4. How will you keep food from spoiling?
  5. How will you clean the pots, pans, dishes, plates, cups, and cutlery?
    • Do you have the extra water to wash all of these after every meal?
  6. How will you open cans?
    • Do you have multiple ways of opening cans, in case your can opener breaks?
  7. How will you dispose of garbage and trash if garbage services are disrupted?
    • How will you control insects and rodents?

Food & Water

  1. What kind of food are you going to use in your storage (canned, dehydrated, freeze-dried, etc.)?
    • Have you cooked with these types of foods before, or have made any of the meals?
    • Will everyone in your family eat this food?
  2. How much food do you have in your home right now?
    • Without having to go to the grocery store, how many complete meals can you make from your pantry food?
    • Would every meal be balanced and nutritious, especially for children?
  3. If you store basic foodstuffs now, do you know what types of meals you can make with it?
    • Have you tried making bread from scratch, including grinding your own wheat?
    • Do you store yeast?  How long will it last?  How many loaves of bread will it make?
    • Do you know how to make a starter if you run out of yeast?
    • Do you how many servings your family needs from this bulk
  4. How much water do you have stored?
  5. Do you have extra water to use for washing and cleaning?
  6. How will you get more water to drink?
  7. How will you make the water safe to drink?
  8. Do you or anyone in your family have any special food concerns or needs?
    • Have you accounted for these special needs?


  1. How will you go to the bathroom?
  2. How will you dispose of the waste?
  3. How will you bathe, shower, wash your hair, or otherwise clean yourself?
  4. How will you wash your hands?
  5. How will you brush your teeth?
  6. How will you handle feminine hygiene?
  7. If you wear contacts, how will you clean them?


  1. How will you stay warm and comfortable when you sleep?
  2. How will you provide security while you’re sleeping?
  3. How will you prevent conception?
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