Episode 18 – Vehicle Preparedness Part 1

Greg and Rob discuss the Transportation category from the Preparedness Capability Checklist (PCC). Greg has some great experience in using the gear and supplies that you would need in a vehicle mergence kit and shares his experience.

Basically, here’s the outline from the PCC:

Minimum Capabilities:
Keep all vehicles in good repair
Four wheel drive on main vehicle, or traction-enhanced (locking differentials, etc.)
Main vehicle needs to be able to carry everyone in family, including a minimum of gear and supplies for 1 week
Main vehicle needs to run on standardized fuel (gasoline, diesel), not specialized fuel (high octane, bio-mix, propane,etc.)
Stored fuel for one full tank (e.g., if your vehicle’s tank holds 20 gallons, store 20 gallons) in man-portable containers
‘Fix a flat’ or Slime
Self-vulcanizing plug kit
Air compressor (12 VDC)
Hose clamps, various sizes (or hose wrap or duct tape)
Siphon hose
Funnels (keep in mind that a funnel for your fuel tank will probably be different from the ones that you use under the hood)
Full-sized spare tire
Emergency road equipment (flares, warning reflectors, etc.)
Navigation (maps, GPS, etc.), stored in vehicle
Basic spare parts (hoses, belts, sparks plugs, fasteners, etc.)
Extra fluids (oil, coolant, transmission fluid, washer fluid, etc.)
Tool kit, stored in vehicle
Fire extinguisher
Jumper cables
Recovery strap/tow rope

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