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Episode 166 – Mobile Apps For Preppers — 7 Comments

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  2. My first time taking a look at the podcast website, I see that there are 3 responses to episode 166, but I can’t see them anywhere.

    I really enjoyed episode 166 and would like to suggest the following apps:

    “SAS Survival Guide” – The full version is costly, but well worth it, including a morse-code translator that uses your device’s screen to flash your messages in morse code.

    “Map My Run” – The paid version is very affordable and is extremely useful for cataloging various workouts including weights, gym, treadmill etc.. Uses GPS to track your dog-walks, jogs, runs, bike-rides and you can use it to map out and measure your custom route before hand, including bicycle paths and off-street routes. Calculates calories burned, plots split times and changes in elevation over the course of a run/jog/walk. Share your routes with others.

    Free or paid language apps.
    “World Nomads” iOS apps are user friendly with dozens of available languages with user friendly common phrases.
    “Sign Language” shows you pictures of how to “sign”
    “Spanish For Dummies” etc..
    I have found that actual “Translator” apps. require internet connections and use data, which is not good for your data plan bill when you are “roaming” in a foreign country.

    Many different free and paid “Police Scanner” apps available.

    “Trip Advisor” for general travel and user reviews.

    “Star Walk” or “Sky & Telescope Sky Week” paid app. is an incredible astronomy app. that you can turn on and point at the sky and it will show you what you are looking at; constellations, where the sun, moon, planets and all satellites should be in the sky (day or night), anywhere in the world.

  3. Hi Rob.

    I have a few more ideas about “apps.”:

    If you have an older iPod Touch, KEEP IT!
    If you don’t have one, buy a used one!

    Fill the old iPod Touch with entertainment apps and music for your kids or yourself, to pass the time.
    Maybe even have a second one on hand filled just with some of the survival apps that you and I have previously mentioned..
    There are hundreds of free game apps that will lift spirits & keep everyone occupied during stressful or BORING situations.

    A cheap set of over-the-ear headphones from electronic surplus or even Dollar Stores can go in your pack.
    Solar or hand-crank powered battery chargers or even a back-up battery charger pack should be on hand as well.

    • I agree. The generation of smartphones and related devices are now over 5 years old, so picking up used devices gets easier every year. As much as I like iOS devices, I think a (quality-built) Android tablet would be a good idea for storing (like in a Faraday cage); one that has an SD slot for external storage. Then it’s just a matter of putting a copy of your videos, music, books, apps and documents on SD cards and storing with the device.

      However, as I only have iOS devices, I’m ignorant on which Android devices are worth the investment in terms of quality and durability (without paying an arm and leg).

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