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Episode 143 – Finding and Building Neighborhood Preppers — 3 Comments

  1. I’m a new listener, and I just got done listening to episode 143, and have something to share.
    This is how I got my family (Parents and siblings) and friends to start thinking along those lines.
    My family never thought much of being prepared other than having a flashlight and radio in the house in case of a bad storm, but then two years ago there was a tornado that hit northern part of Minneapolis, and people/friends were without power for 10 days to 2 weeks. I used this as an opportunity to talk with them and see if they would take to the idea of being a practical prepper. Then, if they seemed open to the idea, I would make for them a “bad weather bag”, the usual things included: a crank flashlight-radio-siren combo. Basic first aid materials, water, leather tip gloves and bandana’s, a small emergency stove and fuel tabs, glow sticks, battery alarm clock , multi-purpose tool. Also, a list of good website’s to learn more about preparedness. I would tell them to keep this bad weather bag in a place that they would go to if the weather turned ugly.
    By introducing them to the idea in this way , it made it seem to be a logical way of thinking and not some goofy doomsday thing.
    I have many of my family/friends that have now added to their bad weather bag (now evolved into a bug out bag) , and a few who are now taking it to the next step, making a pantry, and getting to know their neighbors.

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