Episode 131 – Hyperinflation Series Part 3 – Preparing For Hyperinflation Part B

Hyperinflation part 3





Here is the third and final part of the hyperinflation series, and the second part of how to prepare for hyperinflation.

Here are the links to the first two parts:


Rob Hanus’ Working Theory On Preparing For Hyperinflation:

  • Here is my working theory on preparing for hyperinflation.
    • Buy the common things you use now while they are still cheap.  Stock up on durables and consumables that have a long shelf life.  As prices start to increase, DO NOT start using these supplies.  You’ll soon run out of your storage items.
    • Keep buying things as long as you can afford it.  Make the cuts in other services or luxuries that you need to, in order to buy the things you need.  Since you have no idea how long the inflationary period will continue, you need to save your stored preps for as long as you can.
    • You still need to rotate your supplies that have a limited shelf life, but if you can’t replace something, don’t use it unless absolutely needed.
  • To be honest, I don’t really know how well this would work, not having been through hyperinflation, but to me, this seems like a worthwhile plan as I wouldn’t want to use up anything that I couldn’t replace, unless I had no other recourse.  It’s at this point, where I didn’t have the money to buy anything, that I would want to start dipping into my preps.

In addition to your normal prepping, here are some things that you should be working on to prepare for hyperinflation:

Home and Shelter

  • Have a plan to fallback to a rural or farm area.

Security and Safety

  • Learn self defense.
  • Increase your home security.


  • Learn new skills that will be useful in a down-economy.

Money and Finance

  • Move to protect the value of your wealth and savings.


  • Plan for alternate ways to get to work and around town that are cheap or free.


  • Learn the Common Daily and Survival Tasks and have an alternate way to accomplish each of them.



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5 Responses to Episode 131 – Hyperinflation Series Part 3 – Preparing For Hyperinflation Part B

  1. Gene says:

    Great timing on the show! If we want to see a “real time” affect of hyper inflation on a society, all we have to do is look at Iran.


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