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Episode 121 – EMP and EMP Protection Part 2 — 8 Comments

    • All of the data on EMP is still classified, so all we can do is make guesses based on what we know. There are basically two schools of thought on this, and of course, they’re contradictory. The “old school” opinions say that panels are susceptible, but more recent data suggests they should withstand an EMP. Check out the results of this search and you’ll see what I mean:


      Personally, I think that they are probably susceptible, at least partially. If you have plans to use solar panels after an EMP event, you should probably put them into Faraday protection, just to be on the safe side. This is, of course, problematic for large panels or panels that are currently in use.

      Unfortunately, there is no simple solution here, other than to A) keep all of your small panels wrapped in foil when not in use, and B) have spares of large panels wrapped in foil while in storage.

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  5. If the power is out for years why protect anything electronic? There will be no power for it and it will be useless. Batteries will wear out even with solar panels to recharge them. I’ve stopped buying anything electric. Dumped the TV too, great move!

    • You can make your own electricity in so many ways, why not harness the force-multipling power of electronic devices? Books, music, pictures, video, survival info, gardening info, medical info… the list goes on and on. Digital information has become very integrated with our daily lives and will continue to become even more so as the years go on. Assuming that you can easily drop access to this kind of information is as foolish as thinking you’ll easily be able to switch to a electricity-free lifestyle (note that I refer to people as a whole, not one specific individual who may be currently living like a hermit).

      And that’s only referring to computing devices. Think about all the functions we get from electronic devices; everything from well pumps to security systems.

      If the power does remain out for years, yes, these devices will cease to function eventually. However, until that happens, providing your own electrical power to run devices and machines will help ease into a 100% electricity-free life.

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