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Episode 120 – EMP and EMP Protection Part 1 — 20 Comments

    • Can you tell me what’s happening when you try to download it? I just checked the feed in Firefox, in iTunes and on this page and it all worked. I’ll need more info to see if I can figure out what’s happening.

      • I’m using windows 7.

        When I try your RSS Feed, I get Feed code error on the page

        When I click on the feedburner link, it says page cannot be displayed (no error code)

        When I click on the direct feed it just spins the loading circle icon and has ieframe.dll in the tab There’s no movement or loading of the page

        If I right click to save target as It tries to save the HTML

    • I found an error in the XML file and fixed it. Please try again.

      I also converted over to a Feedburner RSS feed – let me know if you have any issues with that, too.

  1. I still can’t go through direct download or feedburner, but it looks like I can subscribe via RSS now. I guess I’ll go that route.

    Thanks. :)

  2. It looks like there is an issue somewhere in this. I’ve noticed that it sometime takes forever to play in Firefox from the feed. That shouldn’t be. I’m not sure if the server has hit its limit, or if there’s an issue with the XML file, or ??? I’m using the same software to create the XML file, and it validates, so I don’t think it’s that. I have a feeling it’s the server, so will be checking into it.

    If anyone is having issues getting the podcasts, regardless of where (Direct, Feedburner, iTunes, RSS, etc.) – Please let me know!

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