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Episode 107 – Doomsday Preppers — 2 Comments

  1. Love your show and having gone through most of the new ones, I decided to go back and listen to the rest. Your take on the original Doomsday Preppers episode was a bit disappointing, especially your review of your near neighbor who runs “Garden Pool”. I started prepping because of this show and probably this episode and that one guy and I doubt that I am the only one. I understand that going on the show is an OPSEC issue, but I think a worth while one. Yes, I agree his basic location is known, and since he is now running classes out of his house, probably easy to find, but the risk has a big payoff. He better than almost anyone I have heard about is changing the way people look at “preppers”. He is self sufficient and he is showing others how to do the same. In this country and in others. So who is to say that his known location is he only one he has. He has created community and raised the intelligence of that community by his actions. The fact that he isn’t hunkered down in some remote location doesn’t mean he couldn’t. Just because his main location is known doesn’t mean that he will be killed the second things get bad, I know the countries situation is precarious, but there will be some warning, even if it is only days, but it will most likely be months and months of decline in which someone like him will be eminently prepared to transition into what comes next. He would be gladly received in any sane community or could easily set up his own needing only water and light to survive. He is the one I am emulating.

    Maybe in the interval since you have revised your thinking on your review, and if not I think you should.

    Other than that, great show keep up the great work.

    • I have to disagree. In a major event where everyone is running low on food, he will be overrun by people that didn’t prepare. He won’t be able to protect his home against even a small band of marauders that are determined to get in (all it takes is one Molotov cocktail on his wooden home). It’s unfortunate, but that’s reality.

      BTW, I’ve talked to a few preppers that have been on DP and they all wish they hadn’t been on that show because of OPSEC. Some have even moved for better security. Once your position is known, you’re a sitting duck.

      Don’t get me wrong, educating the community on becoming better prepared is a noble act, but how many of those people are actually preparing and how many are simply thinking they’ll go to his house for food?

      There are examples in recent (Hurricane Katrina) and current (Zimbabwe) history that shows us the grim reality of what happens to people with resources when they can’t adequately defend themselves.

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