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  12. EMP protection, in my opinion should be calculated based on the amount of decibel reduction a container has. A standard atom bomb is going to put out about 50 db, which means if you have 40 db EMP Bags, you are going to have 10 db get through. If a Super-EMP is detonated over the United States, it will put off double the amount of gamma radiation or about 80 db of signal strength. This means that if you want to protect electronics you would need to nest two 40 db bags to get the necessary protection. The 40 db bags at http://www.disasterstuff.com/store/pc/EMP-Bags-c128.htm have a 7 mil thickness. This is important too because if a bag gets punctured, the Faraday qualities of the bag are diminished. They talk more about this on http://www.disasterstuff.com

    • The issue with “EMP bags” is they don’t work. Not even a little bit. Your own site lists the specs as:
      “EMI Shielding – (MIL-B-81705-Rev-C): >40 db Between 1 & 10 GHz”
      The frequencies present in EMP extend far below 1 GHz, which these bags don’t shield against. They are for blocking cellphone and wifi signals, which operate in the GHz band, but will do nothing to protect against nuclear EMP.
      Many people who buy these bags will be quite angry should we ever get an EMP, as all their electronic gear will be toast.

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