1. While I believe your testing format and the results, can I question the validity of the results?
    While it is true that Radio waves are electro magnetic waves.
    While a Faraday cage will divert electric current around anything inside as Tesla demonstrated decades ago.
    I think that metallic shielding attenuates RF electromagnetic waves I don’t see any evidence of the waves being redirected around the objects inside the cage (trash can and aluminum foil)
    I can’t say that these layers of shielding aren’t going to help protect the electronics inside, but am not convinced that they are sufficient to protect against an EMP from a Nuke at 200 miles.
    I haven’t seen any data on the level of power in an EMP at that distance, have you?

    while I like your tests and demonstration, and have done what you have done to protect some radios etc. I would like to see a test against a real EMP.
    There are schematics and diagrams on the internet on how to build a small scale EMP device. Would you consider building one and redoing your tests?

    • My basis for using a galvanized trash can in the first place comes directly from the statements of one of the EMP scientists in an interview on one of the EMPact America podcasts. My testing was more for demonstrating how much of the information on the ‘net is very wrong and I showed how you can do your own tests to see this (such as a radio in a microwave or mylar bag). Will the trash can be 100% effective against EMP, NO ONE KNOWS. Seriously, that information is not available to civilians.

      I, too, would love to set up a test with an EMP lab (no, I would not be interested in building my own, for various reasons). If someone wants to donate lab time or money for buying lab time, I’d be happy to set up a series of tests.

      If I thought there would be enough interest – and by interest, I mean money contributions – I’d start a Kickstarter project for such testing. There was a great product a few years ago regarding real EMP Shielded boxes, but they couldn’t raise the funds for the final phase of testing, engineering and production. Thus, I’m highly doubtful any such project would generate enough funds to be successful.

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