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Electronic Disaster Preparedness 101: How to Prepare for Chaos — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, a cellphone with some sort of power supply and good first aid and rescue apps is important and could save a life. People with health issues or who have kids with special needs requiring power (such as keeping insuling cool, or an oxygen tank running) need more complex preps for power outages in even minor disasters. The massive reliance on cell phones and smart phones is simply tip of the iceberg. In wildland fires, cell service is among the first communications to be lost entirely. A back-up to the back-up plan is needed in many real world situations.

    • There’s no disputing having knowledge and skills stored in your brain is the best option, but we can’t be all things, all the time. Knowing first aid is a good skill, but what if you forget or there’s a situation beyond what you trained for? Communications is also a huge issue, as it’s one of the first utilities to be brought back online.

      Electricity for medical reasons is, of course, a great reason for alternative power, but I can make a great case for a calculator app. A solar calculator is a good idea, but if I already have a ton of info on my phone, the calculator app can be crucial to not making mistakes (like over- or under-dosing insulin).

      As Jean points out, your cellphone is a huge repository of resources and it should be part of your preparedness plan.

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