Do you know how…..

To do low tech projects?

Do you know how to construct a fence, properly?

How about make silage? Properly compost? Build an oven? A furnace? What about an outhouse?

There are thousands of things that most of us used to know how to do, at least back when we lived on producing homesteads. Some of us still do, but the majority of us have little or no idea on how to go about living without specialists. One of the hallmark concepts of preparedness is self-sufficiency, but there’s no way most of us can get exposed to the realities of living in a low tech, or no tech lifestyle without moving (and accepting the issues of living there) to a third or fourth world nation.

There are some options to learning other ways to back up our modern systems – look around your area for re-enactment societies, steam and old technology museums and projects, technical museums (aviation, automotive and the like). Visit antique stores, estate and farm sales. Pay attention, carry a notebook (or a camera like I do), and find those amazing and unique solutions to age old issues. I can guarantee you’ll find some alternate ways of doing things, and some ideas that will amaze you. Since you’re reading this on the ‘net right now, take the time to go visit some of these sites:

(and be prepared for literally thousands of pages of usable information, take the time to process some of it. Then experiment with it, and get used to being creative in problem solving…)

The CW3D list
Practical Action dot Org site


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