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  1. Greg, I could not agree more. Thank you for the links, what great information overload! I have found a couple of monthly publications that really help as well. Popular Mechanics and Mother Earth News. They are both very different in their scope, and both do help readers become more self sufficient and confident.

  2. Hi Cliff – my pleasure to post them, and it’s great you’re getting use out of them. You mention Popular Mechanics magazine – one thing you might watch out for is an old series put out by Popular Mechanics Mag. It’s a multi-volume set, about 20 books or so, usually listed as just “Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia Series”. Publishing date was 1959, and it lists hundreds of projects to ponder. Now, most of them aren’t really a “back to the land” type of emphasis, but you can still learn plenty of frugal living tips, and ways to work around problems. Plus it’s loaded with various plans for everything from shelving to beds.

    Also, if you haven’t come across them yet, look up Backwoods Home, and Backwoodsman magazines.

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