Data, Files, and Important Documents – Back It Up

Back it up, is a term many of us have heard and most often relate to computers and the data or information held on them. This term, or more importantly, idea of backing up and keeping copies of important information applies to any critical document we have. Many people have or have access to multi-function printer devices that integrate scanners. How many of us have used that scanner to copy birth certificates, wedding documents, Social Security cards, and, well you get the idea. Scan this stuff and go wild. Storage space is cheap, and with the advent of cheap usb flash drives, easy to place copies of it all in different locations.

Things that I have scanned:

Birth Certificates
Wedding documents
Insurance documents
Vaccination records
Vehicle registration
Professional Certificates and Licenses
College Transcripts/Degrees/Diplomas
and others, be creative!

I keep multiple copies on flash drives and update them as needed. I keep one in each of my and my wife’s “Fast-Packs,” one in the house in an out-of-the-way location, and one off-site. Have fun and go crazy!

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