Common Survival Tasks

Update: This list talked about on Episode 123 – Back To Basics – Commonly Overlooked Preparedness Tasks

Continuing on our theme of basic preparedness, we’ve already covered the Common Daily Tasks that most people need to do on a daily or frequent basis. Identifying those things that we do on a regular basis can help us get ready for those time when basic social services break down.

Common Survival Tasks is similar to daily tasks, but applies to a situation where you are not in the comfort of your home. For example, if you find yourself stuck in the wilderness, or even an urban environment, there are some common things that you will need to be able to do in order to either provide for yourself or keep yourself safe.

Looking at these common tasks now, allows us to get better prepared, both mentally (learning skills, researching information) and physically (better gear in our packs).

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Common Survival Tasks

Find a camp site and make camp

  • find a suitable location
  • make camp
  • secure perimeter

Make shelter for protection

  • wind
  • rain
  • cold or heat

Gather and prepare sleeping materials

Gather and purify / disinfect water

Make fire

  • Ignition source
  • dry tinder
  • gather fire wood

Put out fire

Make or improvise clothing

Carry important items

Provide light

Provide basic hygiene

  • comb hair
  • brush teeth
  • wash hands
  • use toilet
  • garbage and waste disposal (including human waste)
  • dig slit trench or latrine, garbage burn hole
  • control disease vectors (insects and vermin)

Make basic repairs

Procure food

  • fish
  • trap / snare
  • club / spear
  • shoot

Prepare and Cook food


  • find location
  • determine direction
  • travel safely

Render medical attention

  • preventative
  • immediate Response
  • treat Wounds
  • protect Wounds
  • diagnose
  • ongoing Care


  • signal for help
  • gather information

Make tools

Self protection

  • awareness of surroundings
  • defense against two- and four-legged creatures
  • protect self and family from NBC environments
  • make weapons
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