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How to Prepare for the Health Implications of Climate Change

Climate change is our generation’s crisis. The rising temperatures have ushered in destructive patterns such as the wide-spread fires in Australia, which burned through 5 million hectares, according to Scientific American. And because the rising temperatures result in dry conditions susceptible to wildfires, what’s happening in Australia is a precursor of the climate events that will come.  Weather won’t be the only aspect impacted by climate change, as health has a direct correlation to the weather we experience daily. With this in mind, what are some of the ways climate change impacts our health? How can we prepare for the … Continue reading

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Drought Hurting Crops

Are you ready for food shortages?  Record heat and drought killing crops… Drought pains & market moves Crop conditions are the worst they’ve been in decades. USDA recognized at least part of that likely slash in crop output in its August 10 crop production and grain supply/demand reports that showed corn yields will likely be around 120 bushels/acre and soybeans below the 40-bushel mark. But, some farmers think those figures are still way too high. Even if they’re not, though, numbers like those raise some major supply/demand concerns for the global corn pipeline and have many farmers wondering how high … Continue reading

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