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Practicing Survival Skills When You Live in an Urban Setting

Survival skills have always played an important role in staying prepared for the worst-case scenarios of life. While over the last several centuries our species has migrated toward city living and urban spaces, the focus on the tools needed to overcome and recover from disaster hasn’t really made the trip with us. Indeed, survival training is still usually undertaken with a trip out into the wilderness.    Yet, the dangers that occur in the depths of the woods don’t necessarily reflect how most people are likely to experience a fight for survival. Recent studies have revealed that natural disasters are on … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Clean Water Shortage After a Disaster

Clean water is a valuable commodity yet something we take for granted. For most people, water is a faucet away. But our expectations of a constant source of clean water could be shattered by a small-scale event, such as contaminated municipal water, or a larger disaster, such as a hurricane. The clean water we rely on to drink, cook with, and clean with suddenly disappears. The coronavirus pandemic gave the world a small glimpse of what could go wrong if there is a water shortage. People were stockpiling bottled water in fear the COVID-19 outbreak could get worse. Many individuals … Continue reading

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Survival is Impossible Without Water pt 2

By Bison Pumps “the Power of Water in Your Hands” Groundwater is the most accessible, dependable, and longest lasting form of potable water. In this article, we will explore the methods of accessing, conveying and storing groundwater.   Accessing ground water Can anyone have a well, how do you know if you will hit an aquifer, what is hydrofracking, dousing, Hand dug vs Drilled vs Well Point vs artisian (pros and cons) Understanding physics of water removal – Physics of water removal – static water level When using a hand pump, shallow well suction vs. deep well lift Conveyance System: The bucket … Continue reading

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Survival is Impossible Without Water pt 1

By Bison Pumps “the Power of Water in Your Hands” A person can survive four weeks without food; but only one week without water. It is the transportation system of the human body; moving nutrients, circulating the blood, carrying oxygen, removing toxins from the kidneys, and eliminating waste from the body. The human body is 60% water with organs such as the brain and lungs being 70-90% water and the muscles and blood consisting of 75-85% water. According to the Mayo Clinic, each day women need 9 cups and men 13 cups of water for proper hydration. Without it, a … Continue reading

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Preparedness Uses for Coffee Filters?

My article for this month over on website is about using coffee filters for preparedness tasks. Are they any good? Do they have value as a prep item? The answers may surprise you! Head on over to the article and find out what I discovered when I put coffee filters to the test. The Reality of Coffee Filters for Preparedness Uses (Hint: Mostly Fail!)

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10 Questions to Ask About Your Food Storage

(Editor’s Note: Be sure to check out the podcast on the same topic) Your food storage is one of the most important aspects of your preparedness plan. Food is one of the critical needs we have to maintaining life and the ability to continue functioning. Therefore, it is vitally important to ensure your food storage is going to meet your needs when the time comes for your family to rely on it. Below are ten questions to ask yourself about your current food storage to see if you are on the right track. 1. Do I Have Enough Food Diversity? … Continue reading

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Emergency Drinking Water Disinfection Procedures

Way back in Episode 13, we covered how to disinfect, filter and purify water.  In that podcast, I made a reference to a very informative PDF put out by the US Army.  Back then, I neglected to include the link into the podcast notes and have just added it. The PDF is one of those resources that you should print out, double side so it’s on one sheet of paper, and laminate.  As water is one of the primary needs, stick a copy in all of your preparedness bags (bug out bags, fast packs, bug back bags, GOOD bags, evacuation … Continue reading

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