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Digital Night Vision Monocular: A Game-Changer for Hunting and Prepping

Guest post by Kalman of As a night hunter and peeper, you must need the right viewing device to detect your prey. Night vision monoculars have gained popularity for their compact size and optical performance in this regard. They can be used for different night viewing activities such as camping, hunting, wildlife observation, and other nocturnal purposes. Digital night vision monoculars are a newcomer in the market compared to traditional devices. The invention of digital NV monocular made today’s night hunting easier than the previous time. They are available with different budgets and one device can be used for multi-tasks. … Continue reading

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The Dos and Don’ts of Surveillance

  Thanks to modern advancements in surveillance technology, (digital) eyes are virtually everywhere. And it’s a double-edged sword of sorts. Surveillance cameras increasingly track global citizens in the name of public safety, but the technology can be easily misused. Personal privacy, for example, can be compromised by surveillance tech, which has wide-reaching implications. The threat of COVID-19 has caused companies of various sizes to beef up employee surveillance, to better comply with social distancing mandates. Yet that sort of innocuous data collection may open the door to more intense tracking of employees, where everything from worker productivity to location is … Continue reading

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4 Trade Skills That Will Increase Your Self-Sufficiency

Guest Post by Jori Hamilton In the modern age of rapidly evolving technology and the digitization of practically every industry, trade skills are getting lost in the shuffle. As more young people pursue an academic education, employers within technical fields are scrambling to fill jobs from a decreasing worker pool. But a decrease in those seeking out a trade education isn’t just bad news for employers — without at least a rudimentary background in a skilled trade, you become less self-sufficient and more reliant on outside help for what might be minor fixes. That reliance on others can greatly impact … Continue reading

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Preparedness Uses for Coffee Filters?

My article for this month over on website is about using coffee filters for preparedness tasks. Are they any good? Do they have value as a prep item? The answers may surprise you! Head on over to the article and find out what I discovered when I put coffee filters to the test. The Reality of Coffee Filters for Preparedness Uses (Hint: Mostly Fail!)

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Recommended Reading: Survival reloading with the Lee Loader

Published on // visit site For those that are just getting started with reloading, a “round” of ammunition is composed of the case, typically called “brass” and usually made of reloadable brass, an appropriately sized and powered replaceable centerfire primer, the powder, and the bullet. The whole process of a detonating round is simple; the hammer in the gun hits the firing pin, which hits the primer which detonates a small explosion which ignites the powder. In turn the burning of the powder builds pressure inside the round in the chamber and pushes the bullet down the barrel. Technically … Continue reading

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