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National Preparedness Month 2014

Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes. How many of these occur in your area? How many have already been a near miss to your home? Are you ready for the next disaster? Listen to my latest podcast.

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Prepper News Watch for August 19, 2014

As you have, no doubt, noticed, the situation in Ferguson is being fanned by the media, anarchists, criminals, and racists. Don’t be fooled, this is not a protest. It’s a cover for rampant violence from a segment of society whom believes they are entitled. Entitled to what? Apparently, anything they want. This is not a peaceful protest, as you may have been led to believe. These “peaceful” protestors are shooting at the cops, burning buildings, and looting, all in the name of “Give us Justice!” The Police Chief is trying everything he can think of to quell the violence: More … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda Calls for Car Bomb Attacks on American Cities, Targets Abroad

Al-Qaeda Calls for Car Bomb Attacks on American Cities, Targets Abroad: The latest issue of Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine contains an article about using car bombs in U.S. cities as well as abroad during election seasons, both presidential and congressional, as well as on Christmas and New Years Eve. The cities and areas listed in the piece include Washington, D.C., New York, Northern Virginia, Chicago, and Los Angeles. America is our first target, followed by United Kingdom, France and other crusader countries. As for the field target for the car-bomb, you have places flooded with individuals, e.g. sports events in which tens of thousands … Continue reading

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FREE Radioactive Hot Particle Testing of Auto and Home Air Filters

During my interview with Steve Aukstakalnis of AlertsUSA Inc., we forgot to mention this great service that he sponsors: With the ongoing Fukushima disaster in Japan, failing waste storage tanks at Hanford, and faltering nuclear power facilities across the country, the recent release of radioactive materials into the air at the DOE Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, NM is again heightening concerns about possible health risks to the general public, and rightfully so. Are there radioactive ‘hot particles’ floating around in the air in your local area that could be breathed in? What about inside of your home? The … Continue reading

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Episode 200 – “American Blackout” from a Real Prepper’s Perspective

MP3 Audio [23 MB]DownloadShow URL Here are some thoughts and opinions on NetGeo’s TV show, “American Blackout.” Though it had a lot of implausibilities, it still made for a good what-if scenario. Below are my notes on it. The show illustrated two main points: You need a plan, That plan needs to include other people. Day One People were told that it was cyber-terrorists that were attacking the power grid. Attitudes Confusion Gaity Not much of a real concern Power out during the day Transformers blow up from surges Cyber attack starts in East, cascades to the west 10% traffic signals … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Pass the SHIELD Act Now, Before It’s Too Late

Published on Breitbart Feed // visit site On June 18, the Congressional EMP Caucus held a public event to launch the SHIELD Act, which would protect the national electric grid from a natural or manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP). EMP is like super-lightning that can damage and destroy electronic systems everywhere across vast regions, potentially across the entire continental United States. An EMP catastrophe would blackout the national electric grid for months or years, stopping the operation of all the critical infrastructures–communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water–that sustain modern society and the lives of the American people. EMP is … Continue reading

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Episode 158 – Looking Forward into 2013

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL             Looking Forward into 2013 I hope you had a Happy holiday. Kids, I hope Santa brought what you were hoping for. In this podcast, we’re going to be looking at what may be in store for us in 2013. Some quick announcements: EMP ebook available on Amazon. Preparedness Capability Checklist book coming soon. I hope to have it ready for publishing by the end of month. Weekly Tips – Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t yet. Newsletter starting soon. This will be a collection of the articles that appear … Continue reading

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Why Being Prepared is Better

Given the name of this website and the podcast, it’s fairly obvious that I am a proponent of being prepared. While I derived this opinion from decades of personal experience, looking at the major disasters over the past few years should make it obvious, to even the casual observer, that individual preparedness is the key to making it through a disaster or crisis event. Individual preparedness can also lead to community preparedness, where we could all gain from being a country of self reliant people. When you’re prepared, not only do you have the things that your family will need, … Continue reading

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What To Store In Your Faraday Cages?

Here is a list of suggested items that you may want to consider placing into a Faraday cage or Faraday Protection Unit (FPU) to protect them from the destructive effects of EMP. Note: There is a two-part podcast series that explains all of this in great detail.  Be sure to listen to it by starting with the first part of EMP and EMP Protection. Be sure to check out the videos I did that demonstrates shielding against a 50,000 watt AM signal, and the Surviving EMP Mini-Guide: The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP [Kindle Edition] ebook Testing Faraday shielding for … Continue reading

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EMP Preparedness

EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse, is one of the threats that we face from anyone who has a nuclear bomb and can lob it high enough into the air. While it’s a little more complex than that, the basic premise is that it’s far too easy for our enemies to annihilate our way of life by employing just one weapon. This article is about how you can protect your equipment from EMP.  For more information about EMP and the associated dangers, please see this post: What is EMP?  You can also listen to the EMP and EMP podcast for a complete … Continue reading

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