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How to Pack for a Backpacking Trip

Camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are not only fun, but also provide real-world experience that you can extrapolate into your preparedness posture. Here’s a good article by Jenn, from about packing for various durations of backpacking trips.

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Episode 243 – The Different Prepper Types

Introduction back into the podcast Legacy affiliate Not really sure where I’m going to take this podcast, nor what the format will be. Feedback As I’m not sure where I want to take the podcast, I’d like some feedback from you, listeners. I’d like to make the podcast a little more informal, or casual than it has been. Ideally, I’d like to record it straight through and simply upload it. Previously, it would take me 2 to 3 times as long in production and post production, and I’d like to simplify the process. This means, what? Less quality? More umms … Continue reading

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Top 10 Popular Movies About Survival

Looking fro something to watch over Christmas weekend? Here are a few suggestions! Karen Pagan is the author for She has been working with writing for over three years. She spends most of her off-work time reading books, practicing dance, and catching  up with the new TV shows she’s been missing. Survival movies are filled with thrills and excitement, that is why movie buffs would always crouch for hours. Whether it’s about the end of the world, an apocalypse or an attack of zombies, survival movies make you think about the worst case condition but it is more about staying alive. Once the … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Reboot!

Howdy folks, as you’ve may have picked up on social media, primarily Facebook, I am in the (hopefully) final phases of rebooting the podcast. I’m hoping I’ll be able to release the first episode soon, but I’m still hammering out some technical issues regarding recording equipment. If all goes well, the podcast will also be a video podcast, released on Facebook and YouTube. The audio portion will still be available where it also has been, though I’ll need to structure the ‘casts for both video and audio-only listeners. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, but my plan is … Continue reading

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No PNW for Rest of Week Due to Illness

Sorry folks, but the PNW has been suspended until -hopefully- next week. – Rob

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Preparing for a Barter System in the Future

The barter system is something that the first world has all but forgotten in the present day. Thinking about transactions in which there is no money changing hands, just goods, is something that is beyond the scope of a normal American’s thinking capacity. It feels alien, and it feels wrong. However, some people are getting ready for this sort of situation already without knowing it, when they buy gold in an IRA or a retirement plan of another kind. The fact of the matter is that bartering existed up until quite recently. In fact, it was probably completely eradicated when … Continue reading

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Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Defends Second Amendment on Meet the Press (video)

“Lt. Governor Dan Patrick appeared on Meet the Press Sunday, 3 January, 2016. He performed extremely well as a positive supporter of the Second Amendment, in spite of host Chuck Todd’s antipathy toward the Constitutional right. The video is well worth watching if you have the bandwidth to do so. Lt.” Read Full Story Here

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Dow Dumps 450 Points Below 17,000 As Crude Oil Crashes Into Red

Dispppointing drops in China and US Manufacturing PMIs, combined with a record glut, appears to have trumped Mid-East tensions and sent WTI plunging back into the red. This has triggered another round of selling in US equities, sending The Dow down 450 points and back to a “16” handle… via Pocket

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Prepper News Watch for December 23, 2015

This will be the last PNW for this week. Have a Merry Christmas! News: Iran Hacks Into U.S. Power Grid (And What They Stole Should Frighten You) Survey: Arabs Overwhelming Oppose Islamic State Earth-Smashing Space Rocks Undercounted : Discovery News Ford Recalls 313K Sedans Because Lights Are Necessary While Driving In The Dark NYC Has Received A “Credible Threat” Days Ahead Of Christmas, PIX11 Reports Prepping and General Interest: Guns & How to Choose the Right Gun For YOU! How To Stop Excessive Bleeding In A Survival Situation Cold-Hardy Chicken Breeds You Need For (Lots Of) Winter Eggs Bug Out … Continue reading

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Happy 240th Birthday Marines!

Click here for the Commandant’s 240th birthday message. Three decades ago, I made one of the best decisions on my life and joined the Marine Corps. It was tough and grueling, but it was worth it. The Marines took an insecure teen and turned him into a hard-charging United States Marine. It was exactly what I needed in my life. I learned many things in the Marine Corps, but the single best lesson I learned, and one that I carry with me today, is it really is mind over matter.  Whether it’s getting through a tough obstacle course in boot camp, … Continue reading

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