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Episode 24 – Information Resources Part 2

MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL Rob and Greg continue discussing the various Information Resources that they use. Tools: – Google Reader – it’s a tool to read RSS feeds. Makes it much faster to go through large amounts of info. – Apps or programs that display RSS feeds or widgets – Apps like DevonThink Pro, MacJournal, or WinJournal.  Use these to store the various pieces of information that you come across.  The other two are simply journal programs, but Devonthink Pro is a powerful notes database program that even has AI to help categorize and find related information. News Websites: … Continue reading

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Episode 23 – Information Resources Part 1

MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL (Previously billed as Episode 22) Information Resources – Rob and Greg discuss the various resources they use to acquire and gather information.  A couple of important notes: 1) Preparedness is not a race.  It doesn’t matter than you can last longer than the next guy, you need to be fully prepared to meet the crisis.  Your neighbor might have 1 week’s worth of food, while you have 3 weeks worth of food.  If the crisis lasts 4 months, you both lose. 2) Create an informational database and use it to store the various pieces of … Continue reading

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