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How Important is Sleeping During Survival

(Ed. Note: Here’s another short article by a guest author to help start getting the content rolling again, but it does bring up a valid point. Without sleep, your body isn’t running at peak efficiency. Quite a bit of studies lately tell us getting enough sleep is more important than we probably think it is.) You can stock your pantry up with supplies to last a lifetime, prepare the most foolproof defense plans, and train yourself skills any prepper would be proud of- but none of it will be worth a thing if you deny your body one of the … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for October 16, 2014

While the panic grows over Ebola, yellow fever mosquitoes, which can transmit dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever itself, have been found in the Los Angeles area. It’s a grim reminder we are facing more than one potential scenario, so don’t get blindsided because you’re too focused on a single issue. If you have been waiting to purchase any food or supplies, you might want to rethink your time table, as these items are beginning to dwindle and shipping times are being extended. This is occurring because people, both preppers and non-preppers, are looking at the situation and grabbing what they … Continue reading

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Want to Know Why Healthcare Workers are Becoming Infected with Ebola?

Infection control is not fun. Having to wear a hazard suit and/or gown, mask, gloves, goggles, hood, and boots/booties is very hot and uncomfortable. Try wearing an N95 mask for 8 hours and see how well you fare. People will cut corners any chance they get to increase their comfort. If you don’t decontaminate properly, infection is likely. Simply put: lack of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control is why healthcare workers are getting infected. When you don’t protect 100% of your body from infected patients, the odds of you contracting the disease increases dramatically. You must consider … Continue reading

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Episode 233 – Ebola: Stop Panicking, Here’s Why

MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL Announcements Toledo, Ohio water issue! Urgent water notice! – This microcystin toxin demonstrates why filters and other treatments may not be effective, and is a perfect example of why you need to store water for drinking, cooking and bathing. More information on filtering this toxin with water filters. Solution: Store Water! Want to be on a TV Show? I received an email from Joanna Balin: A documentary production crew is looking for free-minded thinkers who have experience living off the grid, or are currently living in the Alaskan wilderness.  People with strong hunting and archery … Continue reading

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Episode 212 – Essential Oils Part 2

MP3 Audio [21 MB]DownloadShow URL Continuing our discussion on Essential Oils with Scott Scott LeFrebvre of Overall Topics: AlertsUSA sponsors free filter radiation filter testing! PrepperFest AZ MARCH 21 – 23, 2014 Arizona State Fairgrounds My experiences with essential oils: Allergies Toothpaste leaking and measuring one drop Links Glass droppers Book: Modern Essentials Usage Guide: *5th Edition* A Quick Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils 101 Uses for the doTERRA Intro Kit CPTG Testing Methods **DELETED** *see update below) Oils vs OTC Drugs Safety Guidelines for Essential Oils Update December 7, 2015: I have been asked by Justin … Continue reading

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Episode 211 – Essential Oils

MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL Talking about Essential Oils with Scott LeFrebvre of I didn’t know much about essential oils when we started this interview, and purposefully didn’t do much research beforehand, as I wanted to ask the questions that occurred to me as we discussed the topic. Here’s the book that Scott recommended: Modern Essentials Usage Guide: *5th Edition* A Quick Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils This is the site he mentioned.

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Episode 13 – Water – Storing, filtering, disinfecting

MP3 Audio [34 MB]DownloadShow URL Water is one of the most important items you can store. We cover ways to store it and make it safe to drink. There are many misconceptions out there about water and we try to dispel some of them by discussing the facts on making water safe to drink. The show notes are listed below, but be sure to check the websites for any updated info. Emergency Drinking Water Disinfection Procedures PDF Current Events: Ecomony Mexico Jobless Rates: 650,000 for February Deflation / Inflation Assault Weapons Ban Main Topic: Storing, filtering and purifying water. … Continue reading

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