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A Prepper Guide For Seniors

Prepper guides are generally created with a wide demographic in mind. However, they can become even more practical when tailored to meet more individualized needs. One demographic in particular, seniors, seem to often lack specialized prepping guides.  There are several special considerations to take into account for seniors (or family members of seniors) who are working towards being well-prepped and safe. Some of these considerations include assisted living vs. independent living, access to healthcare, and mobility.  With these in mind, seniors can have a more inclusive prepper guide that will help them perfect the art of survival. Cover All of … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #6 – Next Steps

This pandemic will be with us for about the next two years or so and over this time, what will happen is anyone’s guess. For example, we are currently experiencing record levels of daily cases, but the fatality rate remains low. No one is certain why this is… some are still expecting it to rise, while others point out we have better protocols for handling COVID-19 in hospitals and the age group with the highest numbers are the under 50 crowd, which generally handle illness better than their elderly counterparts. However, I’m expecting this to change, as the majority of new … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #6 – Understanding Why Masks and Social Distancing Works

First, let’s go over where we are today with COVID-19 stats. The US is currently experiencing 50,000+ cases per day. This exceeds the old daily high by quite a bit: The daily deaths has been going down since the peak in mid-April, but this looks like it might be starting to increase again. I was hoping we had learned enough about how to treat COVID-19, even if only symptomatically, where the deaths would stay low. We’ll have to see where this goes, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. Based on the past to weeks, I project we’ll … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #5 – Understanding Case Fatality Rate

Cases are increasing in the United States. I know many people thought this was over, but those people aren’t paying attention: There are several “death rates” being slewed about by different people. Those that peg this virus as having a very low death rate should be ignored. Not because it’s not possible, but because these figures are looking at the current deaths and comparing to the entire US population as a whole. You can’t do that until the event is over, and this pandemic is far from over. For example, as of 6-24-2020 there have been 121,980 US deaths. Comparing this … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #4 – Current COVID19 Situation

The United States is too large to look at the entire country’s cases as a single entity. For example, when COVID19 cases were exploding in New York City, most of the country had very few cases. However, NYC is seeing fewer cases and starting to open up again, yet we have other areas in the country seeing record daily cases and have hospitals initiate emergency backup plans. The below is from the New York Times newsletter from 6-09-2020 and shows the new trouble spots: If you’re in one of these hot spots, you should be preparing for a large amount … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #3 – Terms to Know

There are a lot of terms thrown about when people discuss viruses and pandemics. It’s important to know what these are in order to better understand the data and information you’re exposed to. I’ll expand this list as needed, but the information we’ll be going over soon will contain these terms.  TERMS: Epidemic – Spread of an infectious disease within a localized community.  Pandemic – Disease prevalent over the entire world.  Mortality Rate or Death Rate – a measurement of deaths scaled to the total population. Often expressed in terms of number of deaths per 1,000 or per 1,000,000. CFR … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #2 – COVID-19 is Not a Hoax

If you are doing your own research on this COVID-19 disease and all that’s happening with it, then it’s likely you’re coming across some conflicting information. One of the main issues in finding reliable COVID information is the large amount of politicizing taking place. You would think with a global killer pandemic we could pull together, but apparently not.  I’ve just finished looking at this CDC “report”  everyone is referring to ( First of all, it’s not a report, it’s a series of planning scenarios. Second, the information is at least a month out of date. And thirdly and most … Continue reading

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Relocating During Coronavirus: Pros, Cons, and Things To Consider

  For many of us, no matter how prepared we might be, this remains a very strange and stressful time to be living in. COVID-19 has presented us with many challenges and has disrupted our lives. On the one hand, we can learn a lot from this time when planning ahead for similar scenarios in the future. On the other, we’re still trying to navigate some unexpected hardships.  While some of us have taken the continued need for social distancing in our stride, it’s nonetheless changed the way we live. Some of the steps we must take are clear: keeping … Continue reading

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Alternatives to the N95 Mask

If you’re having a difficult time finding N95 respirators (masks), here’s an alternative to consider; And these alternatives work as good or better than the typical N95! Reusable half face respirators can use a wide variety of filters, including P95 and P100 filters. Note that the ‘P’ designation means the filter material is oil proof. The filter for these masks come in pairs and are about as expensive as N95 and N100 masks, perhaps even a little cheaper. And, most importantly, you can still find them, even though all the N95 and N100 masks are sold out. There are different … Continue reading

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Countdown to Prepare for COVID-19

Despite what they say, I do think those in positions of authority are highly concerned, especially given the actions they’ve taken. Then, of course, there’s this nugget of news: WHO Advisor Says Coronavirus May Infect Over 5 Billion People [] Technically, this coronavirus has been named, “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2,” or SARS-CoV-2 for short. The disease is causes is Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The big issue with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is we don’t know enough about it yet and what we do know is mostly coming from China. Most people assume the number of infected and deaths are … Continue reading

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