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GPS and Off-Grid Living: Paths to Coexistence

In our modern digital world, it can be difficult to reconcile an off-grid lifestyle with advancements in technology. After all, the viability of off-grid living is stronger than ever thanks to various forms of tech, such as GPS-tracking devices and alternative energy systems. Technology helps us achieve greater self-sufficiency, but there is also a dark side. For now, at least, we can be grateful that American-based tracking technology is less intrusive than similar tech elsewhere across the world. In China, numerous employers have joined the surveillance state, monitoring their employees with GPS-equipped smartwatches. Much like the devices used to monitor … Continue reading

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How to Navigate by the Stars

A guest post from Jenn over at¬† Long before iPhones and GPS existed, even before the invention of the compass, ancient peoples across the world had to rely on other methods to successfully navigate and explore. One of the primary methods, particularly amongst seafaring adventurers was celestial navigation. With the advancement of technology, this ancient art has gradually faded, however, it is still a good skill to have. Batteries die, compasses can be dropped, you never know when you may need to rely on your natural navigation instincts. Navigation by the stars isn’t difficult, but it does require some knowledge … Continue reading

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