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A Quick Checklist for New Preppers

Guest post by Bryan Borris The pandemic has changed the mindset of people as it has shown that you can never be too prepared for an unexpected disaster. Even the ones who weren’t enthusiastic about prepping a year ago are now ardent preppers by choice. While you prepare to face a situation like the current one, you will have an added advantage. Prepping gets you one step ahead of a crisis, whether it comes in the form of a car accident, a sudden layoff, a riot or violent incident or a long-term economic downturn. However, contemporary prepping needs to have … Continue reading

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Living Rational: Survival Kits, Emergency Food and Preparedness Supplies

Hello to all readers. We would first like to thank The Preparedness Podcast for an opportunity to introduce our company to you, Living Rational. is an online retailer of preparedness supplies, with a focus on survival and emergency kits, emergency food, and survival gear. We launched in late 2013, and we are proud to say that we have helped several thousand customers across the United States prepare, whether it be for natural disasters, SHTF scenarios, or both. Our goal with this post is to spread awareness for our brand, and we hope that we can help you with your … Continue reading

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