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Evacuation Grab List Example

In Episode 124 – Back To Basics – Planning To Evacuate, I cover making an evacuation plan and stress that it’s most important for you decide on what you’re going to take with you before you have to evacuate. This prevents grabbing the worthless and making sure you save that which is irreplaceable. If you wait until you have to evacuate your home immediately, you’re likely to have a “…just grab something!” mentality, thinking that something is better than nothing. The below is an example of how I structured my evacuation grab list. I broke it up into 3 sections: … Continue reading

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National Preparedness Month Checklist

September is National Preparedness Month! As preppers, this is the month that we can claim as our own; Yay! What does that mean for us preppers? As I think that preppers are some of the smartest bears in the forest, we should use this month to help educate others on the importance of being prepared. Even if we only get one person to be a little better prepared for emergencies and disasters, we will have helped one more person. Every person we help get prepared is one less person that might be knocking on our door during the crisis. Some … Continue reading

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What Is A Grid Down Scenario?

A “Grid Down” event or situation is an event where the power grid goes down.  In other words, a blackout.  Typically, Grid Down refers to a widespread event and one where the power isn’t expected to be quickly restored. A Grid Down Scenario, then, would refer to any event that impacts the ability to generate power on a wide basis.  Further, because the more serious of grid down scenarios involve very long periods of time before the power would be restored, if ever, planning for it usually requires a combination of tactical and strategic planning. Electrical power is so ubiquitous … Continue reading

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The Normalcy Bias

The Normalcy Bias [ I took this information was taken directly from the Chippewa County Health Department website, as it’s a perfect description of what the Normalcy Bias is.  It’s a very good explanation of what this is and how it effects people. ] The normalcy bias is also known as the ostrich effect. It is also sometimes known as the incredulity response and analysis paralysis. In situations of extreme danger, some people enter a mental state that is known as the normalcy bias. In this state, people deny that what is happening to them is really taking place. The normalcy … Continue reading

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Prepper Expos

Next Prepper Expo in this area is the Self Reliance Expo:  Self Reliance Expo, October 26-27, 2012 in Mesa AZ. My wife and I are planning on going to both of this events, probably on Saturday for both of them. If you’re going to be going to either of these expos, let me know!   Now Passed: Survivalist / Prepper Expo, October 6th and 7th, 2012, in Mesa, AZ.            

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Can’t Trust These Science Studies

I love this article, as it highlights what we already have been suspecting for some time now.  That these scientific studies are unreliable. Tomatoes are bad!  No, tomatoes are good!  Coconut oil is bad for you.  No wait, it’s actually really good for you!  Don’t eat eggs.  Eggs are good! I don’t even listen to these reports anymore because they have contradicted themselves and common sense for decades now. [From Reproducibility Initiative Study Replication – Business Insider – ] Most science journals put up multiple barriers to ensure that faulty studies don’t get published, for example, peer review committees. Most … Continue reading

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The US Population Just Hit 314,159,265—Or Pi Times 100 Million

I had heard somewhere that the US population was approaching 330 million. Good to know that we’re not at that point yet, but I thought the US population hitting the equivalent of Pi x 1,000,000 was interesting. [From The US Population Just Hit 314,159,265—Or Pi Times 100 Million – Business Insider] Figuring out the number of American residents got as easy as pi on Tuesday as the United States touched a rare mathematical and demographic milestone. The Census Bureau said that the United States reached 314,159,265 residents, or the mathematical ratio pi times 100 million, shortly after 2:29 p.m. EDT … Continue reading

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The Four Phases of Emergency Management

It’s important to understand that there are distinct stages, or phases, to surviving through an emergency.  These are called The Four Phases of Emergency Management and they are: Mitigation Mitigation is preventing disasters or taking steps to lessen the impact of unavoidable disasters.  Ideally, mitigation should occur before an emergency happens.  However, mitigation and preparedness sometimes do not occur until after a disaster happens and repairs are being made; this is quite common in the corporate world.  This is also often seen in government agencies where there is a tendency not to notice a potential disaster until it strikes.  All … Continue reading

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Weekly Preparedness Project 1

Weekly preparedness project, #1.  These weekly projects help you get better prepared by outlining a specific task or goal to accomplish for the week.  By doing a little each week, you can greatly increase your preparedness level over time. This week’s project is to create a Home Escape Bag for everyone in your family.  This bag is what you grab as you are escaping a burning house.  It’s intended to be stored at or near the beds, so you can quickly grab it if a fire breaks out in the middle of the night. Every member of your family should … Continue reading

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Common Survival Tasks

Update: This list talked about on Episode 123 – Back To Basics – Commonly Overlooked Preparedness Tasks Continuing on our theme of basic preparedness, we’ve already covered the Common Daily Tasks that most people need to do on a daily or frequent basis. Identifying those things that we do on a regular basis can help us get ready for those time when basic social services break down. Common Survival Tasks is similar to daily tasks, but applies to a situation where you are not in the comfort of your home. For example, if you find yourself stuck in the wilderness, … Continue reading

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