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Prepper News Watch for October 20, 2014

Many websites are still propagating the “this virus is different” fear angle. It’s not different, or at least, not different in any significant way. Sure, it *could* go airborne, but it is not airborne now. How do we know? Simply by looking at the number of new cases. If Ebola became airborne, there would be a dramatic spike in new cases and it would quickly become uncontrollable. We are not seeing that. In fact, there is evidence this Ebola outbreak is starting to end. Compare the maps in these two WHO documents for September 18, 2014 and October 17, 2014. We … Continue reading

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National Preparedness Month 2014

Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes. How many of these occur in your area? How many have already been a near miss to your home? Are you ready for the next disaster? Listen to my latest podcast.

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Preparedness Uses for Coffee Filters?

My article for this month over on website is about using coffee filters for preparedness tasks. Are they any good? Do they have value as a prep item? The answers may surprise you! Head on over to the article and find out what I discovered when I put coffee filters to the test. The Reality of Coffee Filters for Preparedness Uses (Hint: Mostly Fail!)

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Choosing Group Members

Be sure to listen to the accompanying podcast: Episode 223 – Finding Members for your Group One of the topics we have covered periodically on the podcast is that of teams, groups and MAGs (Mutual Assistance Groups). Regardless of how you define your group, there are common issues when determining who to let into your private membership. And it is a private membership, due to the sensitive information everyone in the group has access to. Therefore, you need to give careful consideration to the people becoming part of your group. In general, this is not an easy topic, as there are … Continue reading

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52 Items to Bulk Up Your Preparedness Now

(You can also hear me talk about this article on my podcast: Episode 197 – Are You Ready?) Working on your preparedness plan a little at a time is a good practice, as it ensures that you continually make progress towards being better prepared. However, there are times when you want to jump start certain aspects of your plan in response to current or potential events. Looking at the instability of the economy and certain social services, quickly bulking up your food storage and other preparedness items is may be a good idea. Below are some ideas for quickly bulking … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Six survival tips that you can use every day

Published on // visit site When it comes to survival discussions, everyone gets all excited and nerdy over the latest and greatest gadget, gizmo, and gear. I suppose it’s human nature to get more excited about tools other than the most important survival tool: your brain. Recently I was forcibly exposed to a “drivers safety” class after getting caught going far beyond the posted speed limit. Yes, I am a speeder, always have been, and without conscious thought, probably always will be; a trait I marry with another trait of extreme impatience. Though I accomplished my goal of having … Continue reading

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Recent Urban Tensions

Some thoughts on the recent urban tensions that we’ve been experiencing lately. There are many ugly realities that we need to face in order to talk about this. Urban tensions: What is urban tension? In short, this is just another term for racial tensions. I had thought that when we elected a black president, it would have become obvious that the amount of racism in this country has dropped to an all-time low and that it’s really not an issue anymore. Wrong. Much of it is driven by the poor economy. If people were making a good living and there … Continue reading

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Two is one, or is it clutter?

Guest article submitted by Richard Tolzman. A sacred cow in the preparedness community is that you should have two of essential items in the event that one fails, thusly “two is one and one is none”. But what is essential and what is not? And there are things that are essential but impractical or unnecessary to double up on. It would be impractical for me to have two freezers, keeping an extra in case the 1st one blew. It would also be unnecessary due to the simple fact that freezers last virtually forever. We often double and triple up on stuff … Continue reading

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What Can We Expect in a Disaster or Major Emergency

When I was in EmComm (Emergency Communications), there was a list that was passed around as a way of helping emergency coordinators make better plans for disasters. I originally found the information online here:, though now it seems this page exists here: The following list is primarily for emergency communicators, but it’s applicable to all emergency situations. It’s point-of-view is that of the emergency rescuers and coordinators, but you can easily extrapolate each of these to a personal POV and see how the reality and the plan often differ greatly. The need to over-prepare is emphasized, whether on … Continue reading

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Will You Survive a Collapse Crisis?

Charlie McGrath of did an excellent video essay on getting home safely. In this video, Charlie shows how having a Get Home Bag, which is his EDC – Every Day Carry, and a plan to get home via an alternate route can keep you much safer than trying to face whatever upheaval is happening in the city. Have you made your plan to get back home? Do you carry a Get Home Bag with you all the time? you can also watch it on YouTube here:

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