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Blood Types Explained

by Jack Babbage (Editor’s Note: The author of this article has just released a new book called, “The Pocket Encyclopedia of Emergency Preparedness” and will be an outstanding addition to your preparedness library. The book is like no other in the preparedness community, but once you look at it, you’ll understand that, not only did we need a book like this, but you’ll want it for your personal library. You can check it out on Amazon.   In 1901, Karl Landsteiner discovered that blood has distinct, incompatible types. Human blood was originally grouped into four types: A, B, AB, and … Continue reading

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Free Preparedness Class – Making a Preparedness Plan

On May 8th, CCRET will be hosting a free class on Making a Preparedness Plan. The class will be at the University of Arizona Medical Campus Downtown Phoenix, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Being prepared starts with a good preparedness plan. This class will explain the basic dynamics in creating a Personal Preparedness Plan, including: – The Role of Government and Types of Assistance – Types of Plans for Sheltering in Place and Evacuations – Emergency Communications Plan – Creating your own personal plan – 9 Steps to a Basic Plan Classes are open to public, free and walk-ins … Continue reading

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Home Inventory App For Preparedness

One of the listeners to the podcast, Melissa I., sent me this great review on a software app for the Mac, called Home Inventory. In her email, she stated: “I found a fantastic app for Mac users that allows you to organize your food storage and preps, among (many) other things. I think you and your listeners might really find this useful, and I wanted to share. I was listening to some older episodes a few weeks ago, and came across one on food storage inventory & organization. You mentioned how you use Evernote, but I never liked the monthly subscription … Continue reading

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Electronic Disaster Preparedness 101: How to Prepare for Chaos

By: H. Davis Disasters – whether man-made or natural – strike in every corner of the world, during any season, and in a variety of sizes, which is why they’re so dangerous. Aside from the amount of chaos and destruction they cause, perhaps the number one reason why communities are affected so much has to deal with their lack of preparedness. Certainly, a case can be made that a lack of preparedness makes the situation worse. Fortunately, there are organizations – like food banks, shelters, and of course, hospitals – serving as key players when it comes to providing aid … Continue reading

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Episode 245 – Priorities of Survival & Planning Scenarios

In almost every survival situation, you’re going to need the following, in approximate order of importance. Of course, the exact order of importance will depend on your current situation. In general, though, you will almost always need the first four categories. The longer or more severe the event, the more likely you’ll need the last three categories. Continue reading

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Safety Recommendations and Resources for Parents and Students – From Threat Journal

Threat Journal is a free newsletter service from AlertsUSA. Every week, an update of the past week’s events are highlighted, along with additional relevant information. The newsletter is first rate and the additional information often leads to improving your preparedness plan. Listeners of the Preparedness Podcast can get two FREE months of AlertsUSA, which will send you alerts directly to your mobile phone. There is no better service for giving you fast alerts of events occurring nationally and internationally. The below is a recent article on regarding Safety Recommendations and Resources for Parents and Students. I’ve added additional information … Continue reading

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Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a good article on establishing a neighborhood watch, which is an excellent way to, not only meet your neighbors, but to get an idea who might be open to more preparedness minded projects. I’ve included, with permission, the entire article here for archival purposes. Please go to Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch programs help keep neighborhoods and communities safe. Starting your own crime prevention program—or reviving one that’s already been started in your neighborhood—can reduce crime in your area and give you a greater sense of security, and can even help improve your property’s … Continue reading

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8 Preparedness and Disaster-Ready Apps

(Ed. note: Social media, and especially social apps on your phone, have become a necessity in the prepper’s ‘bag of tricks,’ so I welcome this guest post from Beth on some of the apps worth considering.) A mobile phone is your lifeline: to the people you love, the places you visit, and the daily services you depend on. Increasingly intelligent smartphones even grant access to Internet search, serving as a portal to the digital realm and a mediator within the ever-widening “Internet of Things.” This is our totally-connected era. But in the interest of preparedness, there are even more practical … Continue reading

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Business Financial Diversity for Preppers Question

Listener John wrote to ask: I was recently listening to [your podcast about preparing] for a financial collapse [or] economic collapse by having cash on hand, gold and silver, and buying goods. My question is this. I am a business owner and for business purposes keep a large amount of money in a major bank. What is the best way as a prepper to make sure that the government does not take this money under extreme situations? I do not believe having cash on and is an option as it is a large amount. Also, my vendors do not except gold … Continue reading

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Vehicle Preparedness Infographic


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