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Ready Quick Mix PDF

Got this link from one of the members of the Preparedness 101 Meetup group here in AZ.  If you live in the Phoenix valley area, this is a great group to join.  They have twice monthly meetings and give out really good prepping info. This is a great little PDF on how to mix your own Bisquick type of mix, and it also has a bunch of recipes for using the mix.  The PDF also shows the nutrition for each of the recipes.  If you go through these recipes now, it will give you an idea of the items that … Continue reading

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How Long Do You Freeze Food?

To be honest, while I don’t have a definitive answer to that question, I can tell you from experience that it’s at least 7 years! We have two deep freezers and try to keep them stocked with the foods that we eat on a daily basis. We’ve tried freezing nearly everything: meat, milk, cheese, bread, veggies, etc. Not everything we’ve tried freezing was successful, but it’s actually surprising how long food can be preserved by freezing. The trick is to make sure that there is as little air around the food as possible. If the food already has a vacuum … Continue reading

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And There’s Your Big Food Price Spike – Business Insider

Yup, there’s the spike.  I have a feeling that it won’t last as long as some people are saying, but that’s why we prepare, right?  Having food storage allows us to “skip” over these price spikes and average out the food costs over a longer period of time. [From And There’s Your Big Food Price Spike – Business Insider – ] From today’s PPI report, this chart measures the sequential change in raw foodstuff (food commodities that go into processed foods). Thanks to the drought, that number reversed two straight months of declines, and surged over 5%.

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Drinking Coffee as a Survival Skill?

Those of you that know me, know that I can’t stand coffee.  I’ve always found it to be a vile and nasty liquid that was to be shunned at all costs.  Even after years of my wife trying to convince me that if I drank it the way she makes it, I would probably like it.  “Begone vile drink!” would often be my reply. Not anymore.  As odd as it is for me to say it, I’m now a coffee drinker.  Here’s my story. Pretty much everyone I know drinks coffee.  When I was in the Marines, even in the middle … Continue reading

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Get ready for peanut butter sticker shock

Just another item to stock up on now if you use it regularly. — Get ready for peanut butter sticker shock – The reports of what shoppers are about to see at the grocery store are widespread and not pretty. Kraft’s Planters peanut butter will increase in price by 40 percent on Halloween. Peter Pan could go up more than 20 percent. Jif’s wholesale prices are predicted to rise by 30 percent in November.  

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Forget Stocks; Buy Food

It’s been a tough summer for stocks and other risky assets — but the same can’t be said for agricultural commodities. Hot, dry drought conditions have ruined crops all across the American growing regions. At the same time, demand remains robust thanks to the big appetites of newly empowered eaters in the developing world.   The USDA cut its forecast of how much of the standing corn crop is in good or excellent shape to just 57%, down from 60% last week and 70% a year ago. Already, with carryover stocks low from last year, a poor harvest will do … Continue reading

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The Preparedness Podcast – A Four Pack of Prep Podcasts

Apologies for my lack of podcasts lately.  I’ve been terribly busy and haven’t been able to find time to get these pushed out.  So instead of sitting on them any longer, I’m just going to release all of them now. 105 – Talking about the two BBC Series called “Survivors.”   106 – Community, not Commune.   107 – What I would do differently if I was starting my preps over again when I was younger.   108 – Talking about the National Geographic show on Doomsday Preppers.   ?(Listen to The Preparedness Podcast on any of your favorite audio … Continue reading

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Wheat Prices Soaring

This weekend I went to the local Honeyville Farms retail store to pick up some items.  When I was last there a couple of weeks ago, the 50 lb. bags of wheat were $13.49.  I was quite shocked to see that they had risen to $16.99.  That’s a 26% increase in the price in only a few weeks!  I’m hoping that this is their new price for 2011 and not something we’ll be seeing every few weeks.

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End of cheap food era as grain prices stay high – Yahoo! Finance

End of cheap food era as grain prices stay high – Yahoo! Finance “Even if we have a good year, we are not going to have the inventories we’ve seen before. I really do think the time of cheap food prices is over, and that’s just it,” said analyst Chris Mann of Traders Group Inc in Chicago. “Everything is set to the point where supply equals demand right now. But if you pull one thing out of it, or if you disrupt the equation in some little way or tweak it, I think, with inventories as tight as they are, … Continue reading

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Honeyville Farms Giveaway!

Listeners of my podcast have heard me talk about Honeyville Farms before and know that I recommend them as a place to get long-term food storage items.  If you act fast, you can enter their giveaway.  They are giving away 3 Combo Packs and you have until Monday, December 20th at 8pm pacific time to enter. Go to for more info.  Or click on the button in the sidebar.

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