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Another Bad Chart

Glenn Beck has been coming up with some very nice charts that help put the current economic mess into perspective. When I say “very nice,” I wish I was referring to a solution, but, unfortunately not. Watch this video about Glenn talking about the housing prices. It’s a great historical perspective on where housing prices have been and where they are now. The chart makes it easy to see why the housing market isn’t going to recover from this – if you define recover as 2006 prices. In truth, the housing market is trying to recover, but that means going … Continue reading

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Stocks end at 12-year lows

It’s no surprise that the markets are dropping, but it helps to stay in touch with where it’s at in relation to historical reference. Word on the “street” is that markets dropped because of worry about nationalizing banks.  Duh.  You think they would have been more concerned about this BEFORE they elected a socialist to the Presidency, but hey, I guess it’s too much to ask to be forward thinking beyond how good something feels. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is very close to closing below 7000, which I think will be the equivalent to an opening of the floodgates. … Continue reading

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So there's this thing called the Baltic Dry Index…

Yeah, I know, you’re thinking this is going to be pretty dry. In some ways, it is. In other ways it’s quite disturbing, and be ready for a sinking feeling, or that neat feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know something really bad is coming your way.. So…Baltic Dry Index. BDI. Whattheheck izzat? It’s a number. Issued by a commodities exchange in London, the Baltic Exchange. So what’s the number mean, why is it done, and why is it important? Well sit down right here kids, and let Greg edumacate you on it. A long … Continue reading

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Take four minutes to look at this video….

Spoiler: If you’re like me, graphs and graphics help in making an impression. You want to know, somewhat at least, what’s happened so far, and where the trend is going? Watch…. -Greg

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Don't you just love countdowns?

Well folks, only a few days to go now until the President-Elect becomes the President. As usual there’s plenty of talk about what’s going to happen, and plenty of talk as to what Executive Orders are going to come down the pike when Obama gets seated.  Many of the orders that will be written will be dealing with neutering decisions made by the last president, and some of the orders will have huge and immediate impacts. Environment, energy, personal rights are some that are on the list.  Specifics are very hard to find, so I guess it’ll be a wait … Continue reading

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$25,000,000,000 Loaf of Bread

That’s Twenty-Five BILLION dollars for one loaf of bread. That’s what hyperinflation looks like.  To buy two loaves of bread in Zimbabwe, right now, you would need a $50 Billion Note. Zimbabwe’s central bank will introduce a $50 billion note — enough to buy just two loaves of bread — as a way of fighting cash shortages amid spiraling inflation. When the government issued a $10 billion note just three weeks ago, it bought 20 loaves of bread. That note now can purchase less than half of one loaf. Folks, with the Federal Government printing and spending Trillions of dollars in … Continue reading

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Is Your Bank Next?

Here’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about. Your bank may be on the verge of failing. Sure, there are some news stories about it here and there, but you’re not being told the whole truth (you’d think we’d be used to that by now). Go to this link to find a list of Troubled Banks, and see where your bank is listed. Look at the rightmost column; numbers above 100 are in serious trouble and between 50 and 100 are considered vulnerable. The bright spot in this is that most banks, at least for now, … Continue reading

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Free Money! Free Money! Free Money!

Yup, that’s basically what it is. Free. The Federal Reserve has dropped the Prime Lending rate to 0% – 25%. That’s basically free to borrow money. Not money that you and me can borrow, but banks and other financial institutions. They borrow from the Fed and then loan it to people like us. The Fed raises and lowers rates in order to control the money supply and this lowering is their further attempt to boost the economy. But it’s not working.  Markets are still down, companies are still laying off employees and slashing salaries. Dogs and cats living together. It’s … Continue reading

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Even Worse Than Expected

The jobless claims are worse than expected. Below, I listed some of the companies that I could find that announced lay offs, but that was only a very small part of the overall picture. Things are much worse. New unemployment claims highest in 26 years – MSNBC – “The Labor Department reported Thursday that initial applications for jobless benefits in the week ending Dec. 6 rose to a seasonally adjusted 573,000 from an upwardly revised figure of 515,000 in the previous week.” November’s unemployment figure was 533,000.  So far for December, we’re well above that. – Rob

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(Bad) Sign Of The Times

TREASURY BILL IS TRADING NEGATIVE FOR FIRST TIME EVER For the first time ever, the 3-month Treasury Bill has a negative rate of return: “If you invested $1 million in three-month bills at today’s negative discount rate of 0.01 percent, for a price of 100.002556, at maturity you would receive the par value for a loss of $25.56.” – Bloomberg People are so panicked over the economy, they’re willing to take a small loss on their money, simply to put their money into a safe place. When is the last time you heard of investors scrambling to ‘invest’ in something … Continue reading

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