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Are More Bank Failures Coming – You Can Bank On It!

If you’ve been paying attention, then it’s no secret that many banks are in trouble and are dangerously close to closing. Do you know how your bank scores? Do you know if your bank will be open tomorrow? A quick article that sums it up pretty well: “BankUnited Won’t Be Last Bank Failure: The FDIC Is Going to Have a Busy Year.” If you want to find out where your bank sits, go to Flying Eagle Gold and check the links on the right side, entitled, “Weakest Banks in the U.S.” and “Strongest Banks in the U.S.” Whether or not your … Continue reading

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Tracking status of H.R.45, H.R.1022, H.R.17 and H.R.875

Here’s a quick and easy way to keep track of these bills in the House of Representatives. -Greg Trent

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Food Storage is Critical

If you have been following the discussions on the Preparedness Podcast, you know that one of the main focuses of the show has been working on your preparedness plan. We’ve also been harping on the fact that there isn’t a lot of time to get ready. There are many crises currently facing us today and we simply don’t have the luxury of time on our side. Case in point is this story: Walker’s World: New food crisis looms.  The first two paragraphs sums it up: “We tend to forget that the worldwide plunge into recession last year was the result of … Continue reading

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I came across this from many of the medical oriented sites that I frequent.  It’s Something that has remained, to my knowledge, out of the main stream media while the AIG diversion is being paraded around.  Take a minutes to read the article.  Pay close attention to CBO’s report on an estimated Obama budget, it’s shocking.  The article also discusses the impact on health care and providers, and while many folks tend to see physicians and rich or well to do, they are taking hits in their income because of this. Medicare reimbursement is already dismal, further cuts only makes … Continue reading

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A different take: Bernanke, Hyperinflation, and monetary systems collapse

We here at the PPC was passed along this article.  It’s first an analysis of Bernake and his recent actions vs comments, and a break down by means of analogies  of what they mean.  The author goes on to detail what he believes the current economic situation is and how it’s going to play out.  There are two parts that caught my attention. You can find the article here, please take the time to read the entire article, it’s worth the effort. The nightmare scenario that is staring us in the face, right here, right now isn’t hyperinflation.  It is … Continue reading

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Go Back To Sleep – No Depression Here

It’s all good, folks. Nothing to see here, move along. The economy is fine now, look at the DJIA, it’s all good. Go back to sleep, and don’t forget to spend money online before you turn out the light. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This is what they want you to believe, that everything is fine. Even the President came out and said that the economy isn’t as bad as we think.   Huh? Say what? The economy isn’t as bad as we think? Then what was all that just a couple of months ago when you said that the economy … Continue reading

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We Are Being Lied To

The unemployment numbers are worse than we’re being told.  They told us that there were 651,000 new unemployed people in February. Everyone is quoting that number, and while that’s bad, the truth is worse. There were 851,000 jobs lost last month; a full 200,000 more than what is being reported.  Thats’ 12.5 MILLION people out of work. Check out this PDF and see for yourself. You’ll see that NONFARM PAYROLL EMPLOYMENT fell by 651,000, but read the second paragraph: “The number of unemployed persons increased by 851,000 to 12.5 million in February, and the unemployment rate rose to 8.1 percent.” … Continue reading

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Recent News Bits You May Have Missed

Recent news stories that may affect your preparedness plans. So, just how bad is the economy? – The stock market crashed. Wall Street panicked. People stashed silver and gold under mattresses while businesses shut doors across America. Israeli Ambassador Calls for ‘Serious Action’ Following Iran Nuke Report – Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. called for “immediate and serious action” Friday after a United Nations report showed Iran has enough uranium to build a nuclear bomb.  Road to riches ends for 20 million Chinese poor – The family’s cash earnings have evaporated, snatched away by a manufacturing crash cascading across China … Continue reading

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Just In Time inventory showing its weakness

I stopped by Walmart in my local area on a whim to check for ammo and I wasn’t surprised to find nothing more than shotgun shells and odd-calibre stuff.  An employee stopped my to ask if I needed help and we began talking about the ammo and shortages everyone seems to be experiencing.  The employee went further and told me about how they hadn’t even had a truck arrive the day before and how is caused all kinds of problems for the store and then pointed to the shelves and explained that while there was still much on the shelves, … Continue reading

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National Ammo Shortage

Author Bob Owens has written an interesting article analyzing the national ammo shortage.  Ownes makes three arguments and dismisses the military as the prime cause of the shortages.  Most of the blame is placed on Civilian law enforcement agencies, both local and federal.  As the level of militarization increases within these agencies their ammo consumption has risen to meet the demands.   Lastly, Owens makes the claim that it’s us every day people causing the shortage as spurred on by his last two arguments:  Economic instability and fear of draconian firearm and ammo legislation. I can’t say that I disagree.  I … Continue reading

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