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How Long Will Ammunition Last?

Stored correctly, and in a dry place, ammunition can generally outlast any other firearms equipment like scopes etc… It has a very good shelf life. For example, rifle cartridges have still proved to be lethal even when the product was originally released at about the time of WWI and stored until the present day.  I have an airtight tin of Russian 7.69X54 R that was produced at the end of that war, and it is as accurate and deadly as it was on Day One of its life. So that ammunition can last forever, sealed canisters are the answer. The … Continue reading

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Basic Techniques for Rifle Shooting

Guest post by Jay Chambers If you’re in a long-term survival situation, a hunting rifle is a handy tool. This is doubly true if you happen to be holed up in an area where foraging and fishing are sparse. But, you won’t be getting game with your rifle if you can’t hit anything with it. And, you likely won’t have a ton of ammo. So, there’s no room for misses. Fortunately, most hunting situations require just a few basic shooting skills, which are easy to learn. Here’s a rundown of the fundamental shooting skills and a few tips for applying … Continue reading

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How to Protect Yourself from Environmental Damage This Winter

    As the weather gets colder and unpredictable weather becomes more and more likely once again, it is finally safe to say that winter is not coming, it’s here. Although your winter prepping is unlikely to force you to face off against the frozen undead, there are certainly more than a few other things that could take you down. Preparation for winter is an important part of every year.  Unpredictable winter weather can have all sorts of different impacts depending on where you live in the world. You may be preparing for utterly frigid conditions, an uptick in flood … Continue reading

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How to Properly Store Your Firearms

Believe it or not: There are nearly 400 million guns in the hands of Americans. That means, there are MORE guns than people in the United States. That’s crazy. But what’s even more crazy is how there are nearly 400,000 guns stolen from homeowners EVERY year. And get this: Some of those stolen guns are turned over to criminals and later used in violent crimes. Would you want your gun stolen and given to a criminal to commit a crime? Of course not. That’s why you should properly store your firearms — to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your firearms. … Continue reading

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Episode 244 – Local School Shooting Threat – School Safety – Heartbreaking Change – NK Issues

Podcast Episode 244 – Local School Shooting Threat – Heartbreaking Change in Personal Prep Plans – Lack of School Safety Local School Shooting Threat This podcast was supposed to be on EDC kits for school kids, but I decided to hit the record button and fire out some thoughts on a few topics. Last Friday, Feb 23rd, there was a social media threat at my kids’ high school. Two of my children go there, and I have to say the school handled it poorly. Though they told us there was never any danger, I have to say I don’t believe them. Primarily because there was … Continue reading

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The 10/22 Rifle as a Survival Weapon

What is the best gun to have when things go south? In other words, which firearm will let you survive outdoors, far from civilization, and feed yourself and your family fresh meat that you’ve obtained yourself? This question stirs up a lot of debate, but we are advocates for the Ruger 10/22, a .22 caliber rifle that is a most formidable rifle in the hands of a marksman. It is capable of not only bagging rabbits, but can also take down a deer and can be very deadly with the right sort of knowledge and skill. A Classic Long Gun … Continue reading

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Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a good article on establishing a neighborhood watch, which is an excellent way to, not only meet your neighbors, but to get an idea who might be open to more preparedness minded projects. I’ve included, with permission, the entire article here for archival purposes. Please go to Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch programs help keep neighborhoods and communities safe. Starting your own crime prevention program—or reviving one that’s already been started in your neighborhood—can reduce crime in your area and give you a greater sense of security, and can even help improve your property’s … Continue reading

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Arm Thyself

Yesterday, there was a protest in downtown Chicago. Seems to have gone rather peacefully, so many of you probably didn’t hear anything about it. If you watch the news reports closely, you’ll find protests are more common than you might think. For every “big” protest that becomes violent, there are many smaller ones with the same potential. It doesn’t matter whether you agree/support their cause or not, being in or around a protest can be very dangerous. I cringe at those fools who bring their children to such an event; talk about child-endangerment. On one side of the spectrum, you … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 19, 2014

As you have, no doubt, noticed, the situation in Ferguson is being fanned by the media, anarchists, criminals, and racists. Don’t be fooled, this is not a protest. It’s a cover for rampant violence from a segment of society whom believes they are entitled. Entitled to what? Apparently, anything they want. This is not a peaceful protest, as you may have been led to believe. These “peaceful” protestors are shooting at the cops, burning buildings, and looting, all in the name of “Give us Justice!” The Police Chief is trying everything he can think of to quell the violence: More … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda Calls for Car Bomb Attacks on American Cities, Targets Abroad

Al-Qaeda Calls for Car Bomb Attacks on American Cities, Targets Abroad: The latest issue of Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine contains an article about using car bombs in U.S. cities as well as abroad during election seasons, both presidential and congressional, as well as on Christmas and New Years Eve. The cities and areas listed in the piece include Washington, D.C., New York, Northern Virginia, Chicago, and Los Angeles. America is our first target, followed by United Kingdom, France and other crusader countries. As for the field target for the car-bomb, you have places flooded with individuals, e.g. sports events in which tens of thousands … Continue reading

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