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Prepping in the Remote Work Era: How Employees Can be Prepared at Home If Disaster Strikes

Splashy things like guns, food, water, and bunkers often take center stage in the prepper world. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s important to step back and consider if you’re prepared for more unique, down-to-earth disasters. Case in point: trying to navigate external troubles while working from home.  Millions of people are working on the homefront in the wake of the coronavirus. This virtual connection to one another is tenuous at best, with communication issues always a faulty router, weak internet connection, or power outage away. If a disaster strikes while you’re working remotely, here are a few bonus prepper tips that you’re … Continue reading

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Pros & Cons of Technological Dependence

Guest Post by Jori Hamilton We have all reaped immense benefits as a result of the digital age. There have been systemic changes, offering greater access to information, and closer connections with people across the globe. We also enjoy the advantages of the seemingly minor developments. Our devices help us capture family moments and instantly share them with distant relatives.     That said, it can’t be denied that we’ve become dependent upon these technological advances. If we take the time to look at how many essential daily tasks are dictated by access the internet or even electricity, it can reveal areas … Continue reading

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Electronic Disaster Preparedness 101: How to Prepare for Chaos

By: H. Davis Disasters – whether man-made or natural – strike in every corner of the world, during any season, and in a variety of sizes, which is why they’re so dangerous. Aside from the amount of chaos and destruction they cause, perhaps the number one reason why communities are affected so much has to deal with their lack of preparedness. Certainly, a case can be made that a lack of preparedness makes the situation worse. Fortunately, there are organizations – like food banks, shelters, and of course, hospitals – serving as key players when it comes to providing aid … Continue reading

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8 Preparedness and Disaster-Ready Apps

(Ed. note: Social media, and especially social apps on your phone, have become a necessity in the prepper’s ‘bag of tricks,’ so I welcome this guest post from Beth on some of the apps worth considering.) A mobile phone is your lifeline: to the people you love, the places you visit, and the daily services you depend on. Increasingly intelligent smartphones even grant access to Internet search, serving as a portal to the digital realm and a mediator within the ever-widening “Internet of Things.” This is our totally-connected era. But in the interest of preparedness, there are even more practical … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for December 3, 2015

News: The San Bernardino massacre wasn’t the only mass shooting in the U.S. today Detroit Police Chief: Armed Citizens Reduce Terror RIsk Russia Threatens “Retaliatory Action” After NATO Expands Alliance For First Time In Six Years 14 Dead, 17 Wounded In Mass Shooting; Suspects Reportedly US Citizens (2 Dead, 3rd Detained) San Bernardino shooting: what we know about the suspects US Gun Sales Surge on Black Friday California Mass Shooting Suspects Identified as Couple San Bernardino, Calif. Mass Shooting Islamic State’s US Recruits So Diverse They ‘Defy Analysis’ OIL FIELDS TARGETED Britain hopes to deal ‘real blow’ to ISIS with … Continue reading

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Quick List on Executable File Extensions – Updated

An executable file is a computer that has the ability to run a set of commands on your computer. By now, you should know that any app or program that can run on your computer can contain viruses. And these viruses can create havoc on your computer system. Every time you download a file from the Internet, or copy a file to your computer (from a USB drive, CD, etc.), you should be concerned on whether that file is going to infect your computer. Recently, I came across this web page that lists many of the executable file types. There … Continue reading

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