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Doomsday Prepping Your Business

This article will dive into what a business needs to do to survive inevitable disasters Continue reading

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Good Financial Fitness Can Improve Your Prepping Skills

Prepping is often depicted in stereotypical terms. Things like guns, bunkers, bug out bags, and food and water storage serve as poster children for a world that, really, is much, much larger.  Take, for instance, the things that finance and prepping have in common. If you look closely, the way that you handle your money can often show just how good of a prepper you are (and no, we’re not just talking about burying gold in the backyard — not that that’s a bad idea at times.) If you already are or want to become a serious prepper, here are … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020

Pandemic 2020. It’s the worst thing to hit us since the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. I realize that it may not seem like currently, but it’s critically important to realize this pandemic is not over. Right now, people are getting political over this virus or are ignoring it completely. Neither of these behaviors is going to make this go away – in fact, it’s likely to make it worse.  Probably like a lot of you, when this pandemic hit, I spent a lot of my time rounding up last minute supplies. Because it doesn’t matter how well prepared you are, … Continue reading

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