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Indoor Herb Garden

On the same site as the Indoor Composting Bin, there’s a good article on making indoor herb gardens. A good amount of information is in the article for anyone thinking about growing your own herbs. Personally, I was thinking about using technique #6 or #13, as I have a bunch of old Mason jars, but the article has a bunch of ideas for using items around your house that are currently collecting dust. The hanging herbs, like in #10, is a really interesting idea and puts the herbs within each reach when your cooking. 27 Ways To Create The Best … Continue reading

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Indoor Composting Bin

Here’s an interesting article I ran across. Here in Arizona, I haven’t had much luck with the large composter in the backyard, but this small-scale indoor composting has potential. Using the coffee can, as they do, not only are you composting, but reusing items that may otherwise end up in the landfill. How to Make an Indoor Composting Bin In 4 Easy Steps

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Taking Inventory: The Pantry

(guest post) I’ve long been aware of the importance of taking a notebook inventory of the contents of the pantry, which is why I felt confident that I didn’t have to do it because I “knew” I was keeping inventory quite accurately in my head by paying casual attention to what we had. Was I? The last time we went grocery shopping my wife questioned why I was getting more tuna in oil (my favorite) as we already had plenty at home. I bought it “knowing” she was wrong. When we got home I had a big helping of humble … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Six survival tips that you can use every day

Published on // visit site When it comes to survival discussions, everyone gets all excited and nerdy over the latest and greatest gadget, gizmo, and gear. I suppose it’s human nature to get more excited about tools other than the most important survival tool: your brain. Recently I was forcibly exposed to a “drivers safety” class after getting caught going far beyond the posted speed limit. Yes, I am a speeder, always have been, and without conscious thought, probably always will be; a trait I marry with another trait of extreme impatience. Though I accomplished my goal of having … Continue reading

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