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Episode 200 – “American Blackout” from a Real Prepper’s Perspective

MP3 Audio [23 MB]DownloadShow URL Here are some thoughts and opinions on NetGeo’s TV show, “American Blackout.” Though it had a lot of implausibilities, it still made for a good what-if scenario. Below are my notes on it. The show illustrated two main points: You need a plan, That plan needs to include other people. Day One People were told that it was cyber-terrorists that were attacking the power grid. Attitudes Confusion Gaity Not much of a real concern Power out during the day Transformers blow up from surges Cyber attack starts in East, cascades to the west 10% traffic signals … Continue reading

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Episode 192 – Build a Small Solar System

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL -= PODCAST TOPICS =- Build a Small Solar System – Suitable for recharging batteries and small electronic devices First thing to understand is basic electrical theory. At the minimum, you should have an understanding of what voltage, amperage and watts are. There are so many places on the Internet where you can get information about electricity, I’m going to assume that you either have a basic understanding of it, or will soon will after you do some online research. For a small solar system, it’s probably best to stick with 12 VDC. With bigger systems, … Continue reading

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2012 Solar Storm incoming! (how's that for a 2012 coincidence?)

If you’re into ham radio, you’ve probably heard about Solar Maxima/Minima issues, and how they affect high frequency propagation, and the various other things good old Sol affects. This is for the other folks. Those of you that aren’t ham radio people, the effect the sun has on many of our systems is huge. Of course, I’m not talking about the weather – I’m talking about things like the GPS system, the power grid, computers, telecom, data storage, and all sorts of other systems that can, and have been, affected by “Solar Storms”. What am I leading up to? Well, … Continue reading

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QuickerTek intros soloar chargers for range of MacBooks

A little pricey, but all solar is these days. If you’re looking for a way to power you MacBook on an indefinite basis, this setup has a lot of merit. Sure, you can put together your own solar power solution for your laptop, but that flexible solar panel is pretty neat. — QuickerTek intros soloar chargers for range of MacBooks QuickerTek has expanded its line of solar chargers to include new models capable of supplying power to MacBooks. The Apple Juicz chargers feature a flexible solar cell that can be folded for storage while traveling. The 27 watt version unfolds … Continue reading

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Episode 7 – Where should you be after you’ve completed your preparedness plan?

MP3 Audio [32 MB]DownloadShow URL ~ Survival is the Art of Being Prepared – The More You Prepare, the Better Your Chances of Surviving ~   Greg and Rob continue on the theme of the last podcast – where you should be after you’ve completed your preparedness plan. I’ve posted the Preparedness Plan Notes on our blog, as it’s rather long for a podcast note. You can find it here: Current Events… Peanut Butter recall Ukraine still not getting gas form Russia Bird Flu New and Cool gear and tech… Greg’s LED tech find Joule … Continue reading

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