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Towards Self-Sufficiency: How Off-Grid Solar Works

As governmental surveillance grows more oppressive and violent crime rates continue to grow in urban environments, living off-grid becomes increasingly appealing. But the lifestyle is not for the faint of heart: Along with possessing plenty of strength, grit, and determination, there are also logistics to consider if you want to go off-grid. One of your primary off-grid considerations involves finding sources of power.  It may seem counterintuitive to have electricity while living off-grid, but alternative energy sources provide an ideal way to stay connected to modern society while also steering clear of it. How’s that for a win-win? Solar power … Continue reading

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Finding Relief If You Have Been Affected By A Natural Disaster

No matter your feelings regarding the validity of climate change, it’s clear that the frequency of weather-related natural disasters is increasing. According to, natural disasters are also evolving in intensity, wherein a single event creates a cascade of smaller events, effectively resulting in a full-fledged “disaster.” Thus, it’s more important than ever to prepare for any eventuality, whether you live in an area that’s prone to tropical storms, tornados, forest fires, or another type of natural disaster.  The unfortunate reality of these natural disasters, however, is the fact that preparation may only go so far, especially when it comes … Continue reading

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2012 Solar Storm incoming! (how's that for a 2012 coincidence?)

If you’re into ham radio, you’ve probably heard about Solar Maxima/Minima issues, and how they affect high frequency propagation, and the various other things good old Sol affects. This is for the other folks. Those of you that aren’t ham radio people, the effect the sun has on many of our systems is huge. Of course, I’m not talking about the weather – I’m talking about things like the GPS system, the power grid, computers, telecom, data storage, and all sorts of other systems that can, and have been, affected by “Solar Storms”. What am I leading up to? Well, … Continue reading

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QuickerTek intros soloar chargers for range of MacBooks

A little pricey, but all solar is these days. If you’re looking for a way to power you MacBook on an indefinite basis, this setup has a lot of merit. Sure, you can put together your own solar power solution for your laptop, but that flexible solar panel is pretty neat. — QuickerTek intros soloar chargers for range of MacBooks QuickerTek has expanded its line of solar chargers to include new models capable of supplying power to MacBooks. The Apple Juicz chargers feature a flexible solar cell that can be folded for storage while traveling. The 27 watt version unfolds … Continue reading

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