Preparedness Capability Checklist

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PCC-Cover-smThe Preparedness Capability Checklist (PCC) is unlike any other survival or preparedness list you’ve ever seen and succeeds where these other lists fail. You won’t find outdated or useless equipment here. The PCC lists all the capabilities you need to accomplish in order to survive any number of disasters or crisis events.

The PCC allows you to customize your preparedness plan to the needs of your family. It accomplishes this by guiding you through four primary levels of preparedness: Portable, Minimum, Extended and Advanced. These levels allow you to fine tune your plan to meet your family’s unique requirements and allows you to expand as your life’s needs change.

The Preparedness Capability Checklist can also tell you whether you are actually prepared or not. Because the PCC lists those actions or abilities you need to do during a survival situation, you can use it to evaluate whether your plan, kit or Bug Out Bag has the proper gear and supplies to be truly prepared.

The Preparedness Capability Checklist accomplishes this by allowing for individual needs while accomplishing common preparedness goals. Nothing else like it exists for helping people get prepared.

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“The Preparedness Capability Checklist served as my blueprint for my initial preparedness planning.” – Bryan W.

“Pure genius… Pretty much the single smartest and most useful concept in the entire prepping industry.” – Dave Y.

“Great info… A comprehensive checklist giving both novice and experienced preppers guidance, direction and confidence in their preparedness planning!” – Fred H.